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Smart phone Games

games for smart phones.hese days there is nothing that you cannot do with a Smartphone. Previously mobile phones were for mere calling and messaging, but these days they are high tech gadgets, nothing less of a computer. You just have to name the task and a mobile phone completes it. Smart phones are becoming popular day by day in spite of their heavy price tags and costly data plans. Smart phones are for calling, texting, banking, shopping, entertainment and Gaming of course. Now you do not have to own a computer or a laptop with graphics card for playing games online or offline. You can play great games online on your Smartphone or even download them from the app store and play them whenever and wherever you want.

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Facebook Increased number of Users for its App in Android and iPhone

Social media has become famous in past few years and is now everywhere. Half of the world population is on Facebook or other social media sites like twitter, my space, cloud, Google. The strange thing is most of them are not actually doing or playing any vital role but they want to be a part because they are interested in other’s life and it seems this medium is very good to stay in touch with new friends and old friends with whom we have lost contact over the period of time.

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