People make the mistake of thinking that being a gamer means you have a great PC or one of the popular consoles, and spend inordinate amount of time staring at screen. Yes, they are video gamers, but there’s a gamer inside all of us – you, me, our grandparents, parents, everyone! Almost everyone on this Earth today, have at some point played games and enjoyed them. There are several aspects to gaming that make it come naturally to humans. Entertainment is perhaps the most significant, since we all need something to do. Video games, though, have some unique offerings for the gamers in us – sex, violence and rebelliousness. Today, we are listing some pretty cool yet unknown to masses games, you may or may not have heard of these games, but we really think you should play them. There’s nothing to lose, after all – they are all free!


1. International Cricket Captain 2005

Think you’re better than the MS Dhoni, this is the game for you then. You can choose to captain an English county side and work your way up to, or start directly off with, and international side of your choice. The ICC series are Sports Sims devoid of any actual gameplay – your role is more of a non-playing captain or coach as you supervise training schedules and team selection, set fields and decide batting and bowling strategies. You can then sit back and watch the action unfolds on the game’s highlight engine.


2. One Chance

Another browser game, this one features a rather interesting premise. All of Earth’s living cells are going to be destroyed in the next six days, and you have the choice to live your last days any way you want to. The game has multiple endings that are triggered by your actions throughout the game, but as the title says – you only get One Chance – and only one ending. There are ways to work around that, of course. We really liked the concept and the ADV-like execution.


3. Total Extreme Wrestling

TEW 2005 is a pro-wrestling business simulator that lets players run a wrestling promotion the way they see fit. Players have control over the storyline, matches and their outcomes, and feuds and contracts of their organization. The ultimate aim of the game is to put on the highest quality show, have the largest fan base and make the most money while you’re at it. The game features a fictional universe, but there are real world mods available, which will give you access to real world promotions, wrestlers and staff – a cool edition. Mods are also available for various time periods. So if you think you can save WCW from going under, go ahead and take control in 1998.


4. Trilby’s Notes

This game is part of the cbzo Mytbos series created by Yahtzee, of Zero Pronunciation fame, and is the third game of the series. Chronologically though, it slots in at second. The series borrows horror themes from other forms of fiction, with Trilby’s Notes featuring a rather undesirable alternate dimension a la Silent Hill. While the earlier two games in the series featured point and click game play. Trilby’s Notes relies on keyboard navigation and a text parser for inputting commands. The game is widely considered to have solid writing and challenging puzzle gameplay. And we don’t particularly disagree. Give it a go regardless of whether you enjoy the chills and thrills or not.


5. Super Mario Bros. Crossover

SMB Crossover is a browser game that is like its name says – a crossover. The levels are still from Super Mario Bros., but the player now has the option to call in quite a few characters from other games in the NES era. These include Bill from Contra, Link from Zelda, Samus from Metroid and MegaMan, to name a few. Each character brings in its own set of moves and attacks to the table, but in a way that fits with the Mario universe and game-play mechanics. A lot of thought has been put into adapting the characters for Mario, and it shows. The player has the ability to choose the character he wants to play with at the beginning of each level, and this choice is quite an important one because a character’s quirks could make the level easier.


6. But That Was Yesterday

It’s strange, we’d love to tell you what this short, abstract game is about, but we’d also hate to in fear of hampering your whole experience. What we can tell you, however, is that this atmospheric platformer has a quirky narrative that somehow manages to both, depress and uplift you at the same time. The animation is sweet, as is the overall game design. The game lasts around 10-15 minutes on an average, but we believe it’s something definitely worth checking out.


7. OpenTTD

This is an Open Source adaptation and expansion pack to Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It adds bigger maps, online multiplayer and other features to the transport sim where players managed a company that dabbled in rail, road, naval and air transport to deliver cargo – be it goods, passengers or mail – to and from industries and cities. We sank hours and hours into Transport Tycoon Deluxe back in the day, and we’re most definitely glad to see an Open Source version that is much improved, supports various operating systems and allows user generated content and patches.


8. Cave Story

This is a 2004 AD platform-adventurer for the PC which features a silent protagonist who tries to foil the designs of an evil overlord – the Doctor – and his army building designs to take over the world. He does this despite waking up in a cave with no recollection of his past. Game-play is primarily puzzle platform-based, and the player also has weapons he can shoot enemies with. Switching between multiple weapons is possible, as is the leveling up of said weapons via power ups and capacity up-graders. In the same vein though, taking damage can downgrade your weapons.


9. Frets on Fire X

With the guitar hero and rock band music franchises dead, what better time than now to recommend this little gem? Frets of Fire is a game for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X that aims to replicate the Guitar Hero experience. Players have to consistently hit the right keys at the right time in order to get some good multipliers going and eventually a high score. Frets on Fire X, which was a series of modes that ended up branching off from the original game, features support from up to four players and tracks for drums, bass guitars and vocals. The Fret Editor gives users the ability to create and edit custom song challenges. Frets on Fire X has access to a user generated library of over 2800 songs, which is hours and hours of entertainment if you enjoy this genre.


10. Corporate Climber

Most of things we do in our lives have made their way into video games, so why should climbing the corporate ladder be any different? In the browser game Corporate Climber, the player aims to …er…climb, crawl and trample his way right from the bottom rung to the very top of his organization. This is done by platforming through levels where you’re given specific tasks to complete, which range from avoiding some naughty toilets to sending as many spam mail as you can. The game is pretty fun, with plenty of subtle and not so subtle jabs at the corporate culture and materialistic lifestyle most of us lead.

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