One thing we will never have a shortage of, is blogging services. There are tons on the web: WordPress, Typepad, Xanga, Tumblr, Blogger. The difficulty is in knowing which one is for you. Take Tumblr and Blogger for example, on the surface they exist for the same purpose. To give us a space to write our thoughts, feelings and opinions, and share them with the world. So it is only natural they be compared. We’d do it with sites like partycasino and its competition, after all. How do they compare to one another?


They have very different histories. Blogger (formerly Blogspot) has been around since 1999, building a reputation and dedicated following. Tumblr on the other hand jumped from a top 1000 site, to a top 50 site in two years. That’s astounding when you think of the multitude of choice on the web.


Blogger vs Tumblr

Signing up

When you compare the two, Tumblr’s sign up process is easier. All you need is an email address, your password, and a blog URL, and voilà. It’s the actual set up of the blog that is tricky. Meanwhile on Blogger, it helps if you have a Google account, because the sign-up is simpler that way. Registration is tedious without it.


The Dashboard

Ah the dashboard. Our way of sifting through the blogs we follow in one stream.


Tumblr’s dash is very busy. You have several post type options: text, photo, quote etc to choose from, and you customise your blog and manage your account on the right. It has improved in the last year or so, but upon registration, it can seem extremely confusing.


Blogger’s dashboard by comparison is very clean. You have the one option to create a New Post, and the posting interface is similar to those on Xanga and WordPress. However it is a tad clunky. One battle it has won is the statistics fight. Blogger is far better at monitoring blog traffic.