Social media has become famous in past few years and is now everywhere. Half of the world population is on Facebook or other social media sites like twitter, my space, cloud, Google. The strange thing is most of them are not actually doing or playing any vital role but they want to be a part because they are interested in other’s life and it seems this medium is very good to stay in touch with new friends and old friends with whom we have lost contact over the period of time.

facebook apps

People have become fans of facebook and now literally they have become addicted to it. With laptops and computers it is difficult to check your facebook account every hour but through facebook application in mobile phones it has made easier. As, in today’s era nobody lives without a cell phone. Facebook apps makes easier for people to stay in tune and share their updates, photos with their friends. You can share status updates with your home screen, publish photos, check news feed, chat, can check upcoming events, messages, go to your friend’s wall and write a post to them or just peep in to know what’s happening in their lives.

So, isn’t it good to keep in touch with your friends whenever you want through facebook application of your phone? Staying in touch with friends has become faster even when we are so busy with our work. It also reduces stress and gives information too. Now, you can even have group conversations and watch videos and also play facebook games which are really good. Also favorite apps are good time past.

There is good news for facebook app users that it has been updated and now it is more functional. It also has push notifications which was not in the older version which gives you an alert every time you receive any message or any updates. It is really cool as you can get alerts without using the apps.


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