apple patent battle samsung fight back

There is being a tug –o-war between Samsung and apple. Apple and Samsung are in court battle and a rivalry is going on between the two companies related to patent of email, photographs and wireless 3G technology. Samsung is being offended by the allegations apple has placed over it. Dr Woodward Yang, Harvard engineering professor, said Samsung patented features for mobile phones are same like apple. It includes the process of emailing photos. He was the first witness of Samsung and said apple patents are been violated by Samsung phones and tablets.

Some of the Samsung designers also claimed that they did not rely on apple designs for creating icons as Samsung galaxy smart phones has its own unique designs. Samsung and apple are fighting a toe- to toe patent battle and it’s a struggle for both the companies which control the sales of more than half the world. Various American companies are putting allegations on Samsung that the designs and some of the features of I pads and I phone are being copied from apple and thus the sales of Samsung phones should be ban to stop the further economic damage. Some Korean companies are trying to expand in other parts claims that several patents have been broken by apple itself like 3G wireless technology.

This week apple presented some evidences of its patent and Samsung was found to call its witness. Yang said that before the launch of I phone in the year 2007 Samsung filed its patent. Here is yang is edging on smart phone features and not 3G wireless. He said the plan here was to have a book mark. Yang did not see or finds any evidences that tell that Samsung has used apple features in smartphones. Samsung also claims that its Korean team worked hard for more than three months to create Samsungs icons design. The battle between the two is on and on and we have to wait for few more days to see who wins the battle.