Here are three things which most likely you would not know what your phone can do, a very useful information. Few things can be done with our mobile in time of emergencies. Your cell phone can actually be a ‘life saver’ which can work as an emergency tool.

use your mobile as car keys


is widely known as an emergency number. Sometimes you find yourself in a place of out of coverage area or with no network and at that time if you have a dire need to make a phone call or send a message then you can dial 112 from your mobile and it will reach to the existing network to set up the emergency number and it can even be dialed even if your screen is locked. If you have not trued this then you can check this out.


Are your keys locked in your car?

Do you have remote keyless entry in your car? By mistake if your keys are locked in your car and your spare keys are not with you then you don’t have to panic or call someone to unlock the car because you can do it easily with your multi tasking cell phone. What you need to do is hold your mobile phone from a distance from your car and ask some one from your home to press the unlock key with the extra key at home and from the other end hold your phone and your car door will be open. Distance does not matter even if your house is 100 or 1000 of miles away.


Secret Battery power

It happens often when we have to make an urgent call we find our battery is too low. Do you know your phone have some hidden battery power which can be activated by pressing *3370# with this your phone will restart with the reserve battery and your phone will show 50 percent increase in the battery and it will again charge with the reserve when next time you will charge your phone.