10 Million Sales Estimated for Iphone 5 which is Ready for Release


It is estimated that the new apple iPhone 5 sales could peak the amount of 10 million in just the first week of its release in the market. It is expected that friday, september 21 st this next gen iPhone5 is going to hit the markets.

iPhone 5 sales estimate

A product launch event would be held on the 12 of this month in which this next gen iPhone5 is expected to be launched.

The sales estimate could be anywhere from 6 million to 12 million covering september 21st its date of rlease to the end of the month.

Last year with the release of iphone 4s in the month of october it bagged an amount of 4 million in just 3 days of its launch and 10 million in a week. With the new much sophisticated iPhone5 it is expected to reach at least 26 million for the full of september.

The iPhone5 has recently renounced the top selling smart phone crown in the us, winning over the samsung galaxy s3.  However, according to Mokowitz analysis, iPhone5 stands to upset the apple cart beyond us.

Late this month lets expect the iPHONE5 to reaffirm Apple’s leadership position in markets, with the addition of LTE, lets hope and believe the iPhone5 will be established as technology leader, versus the other smart phone in the market.


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