Microsoft Company is adding up their mobile connectivity by introducing Windows Azure services with windows azure platform and windows applications. This techno is very great as it will allow users to connect mobile apps and client which is based on windows 8 apps with an azure cloud platform.

windows 8 apps to azure platform

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft server & tools business vice president said, “It is very useful as it enables the data to be structurally stored in cloud platform by which both users and devices can be span. It can be integrated by user authentication and with the help of push notifications it can send all the updates. In just no time it is ready to ship and this year by October 26th Windows 8 will be available.


Windows Azure services has great mobile plans further, soon it will be adding support to windows phone, iOS, Google based android and Apple. It comes with a 90 days trial pack which is absolutely free and users can start up with that and it will also allows their account to support the preview for mobile services. Windows Azure has really great plans in stored for mobile industry.


Guthrie explains the users how to use this application, “After previewing the mobile services enabled go to the ‘new button’ and click that button and there choose the ‘mobile service’ new icon which will enable you to create your back end for the first time for mobile phone”. When your back up end is created, then users can see instructions for quick start up page which will connect the services to new windows 8 apps or to existing one. If you are Azure users then you can have as many mobile services limited to 10 with a free hosting environment. Once you have created Windows Azure Mobile services then automatically you become associated with SQL database which you will find inside Windows Azure.


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