The usage of Facebook mobile application is increasing every day, thanks to the smartphones.  Reports show that  the amount of time spent  by Facebook  mobile users is more than the Facebook desktop users. .  Facebook director in India Ms. Keerthiga Reddy says ‘ Facebook usage on Smartphones has increased in India, encouraging the mobile companies to launch new features. Every smartphone’s features are modified so that they support the Facebook application.

facebook is used on mobile more

The number of Facebook users that were only eighty lakhs in the year 2012 has now increased to an amount of 5 crores.  Companies  are collaborating with Facebook regarding for sales advertisements. They are using Facebook as a modem for their sales hike.

Out of the 901 million Facebook users, 488 million users log onto the social network using a mobile device, that makes over half of the Facebook users accessing the site via mobile. Studies show that Android and iPhone are in a neck to neck competition when it comes to the mobile Facebook usage, both are at 19%, RIM/Blackberry users beat ipad at 5/5% respectively.

U.S.A. has the most mobile Facebook users with roughly 106 millions and Indonesians stand second in the list with 29 million.

It is not just the record of number of  mobile Facebook users that beat desktop Facebook users, but also the time spent by the mobile users beat the desktop users. Time spent on facebook mobile site and applications per month is 441 minutes, that has surpassed its classic website users with 391 minutes.

Studies show that  Americans use Facebook mobile and they spend 7.3 hours per month on an average, when compared with the total of 160 million Americans who use Facebook and spend an average of 6.5 hours on its website.

So, if you do not own a personal computer or are away from home, you don’t have to worry about logging  into your account, just have your phone handy and you shall get to know all the things happening in the world by logging into your Facebook mobile. It costs you “less” too!!!