The 6th generation Apple’s iPhone 5’s first look was released on the 21st of September at San Francisco in the company event. The iPhone 5 has caused much hype since the company has announced its release. It is expected that it will top the sales chart with its new features and model. However, there is never a product especially a mobile with pro’s and con’s. Here are the pro’s and con’s of the new iPhone 5 compared to the other iPhones and Android phones.

pro and cons of iphone 5

Pro’s of iPhone 5


  1. Status Symbol: Apple is the leading brand in the mobile world. Its iPhone always tops the charts when it is released. People consider it a status symbol to possess the cool iPhone 5.
  2. App Store: Apple iPhone 5 has a wonderful app store with millions of applications to download, thousands of TV episode, iTunes etc.
  3. Known interface: The new iPhone 5 has new A6 processor which is twice faster than the A5 processor of the iPhone 4 in terms of both graphics and CPU performance.
  4. Better Technology: The iPhone 5 has better technology when compared to its predeccors. It has the new A6 chip, 5Ghz Wi-Fi, 720p HD video on the FaceTime Camera, ability to take photos while shooting video.
  5. Better Battery Life: iPhone 5 has better battery life. It has upto 225 hours on standby time, longer hours on 3G and Wi-Fi.
  6. 4G: iPhone 5 can use. It was one area which the iPhone was left behind the Android. It is a great new difference.
  7.  Light weight: The iPhone 5 is just 112 gms, It is a full ounce lesser in weight than iPhone 4 also, it does not have much of depth when compared to other phones.
  8. Bigger Screen: It has a wider screen with  4 inch display and 16:9 aspect ratio.



Con’s Of iPhone 5


  1. Change of Cord: One good thing with iPhone 4 is that it had the same cord as the ipod. There was an advantage with this interchangeable cord as you can keep one at home and take one with you anywhere you go and charge your device anywhere. But now the iPhone has changed the cord to a Lightning charger. However, this might not be a complete disadvantage as it allows a faster data connection to computers.
  2. Change of Sim cards: The iphone 5’s predeccors both 4 and 4S allowed the use of micro-Sim cards, to store contacts, pictures and many more which makes them easily swappable when upgrading. However, the new iPhone 5  uses Nano-Sim card and will not be compatible with existing micro-Sim cards.
  3. Price: This is a problem with every iPhone. The iPhone 5 will be $199 for 16 GB, however cost is not a worry for iPhone lovers.


So, these are the possible Pro’s and Con’s of iPhone 5. Get your hands-on and know more yourself