There are some top productive apps you must download. Here is a list of top 5 productive apps.

  1. Wolfram App-  This app is a good source that provides instant expert knowledge and computation. It constitutes a great collection of algorithms and data to provide answers and reports to the users. This app covers many domains constituting math, geology, logic, physics, life sciences, colors, sports, games, linguistics and the list just goes on. It is the best answer engine better than Google. It is an excellent engine available for iPhone and Android users for $1.99.
  2. Evernote –  This app is listed as one of the top 10 must have apps. It is a user friendly app which helps users in remembering everything across all the devices used by the user. It helps in staying organized, idea saving and increase in productivity. With this app you can take notes, click pictures, form to do lists, record voice reminders etc.  all these tasks and notes can be saved, synced and shared across computers and devices that you use. You can format or share the notes with your friends and business partners through twitter and facebook. This app is available for iOS, windows 7&8, Blackberry, Android and Mac users for free download.
  3. Pocket App- This is also called the “read it later” app. It is available for free download for iOS and Android users. When you search for something on the internet or read something interesting and you want to view it or read it, but do not have the time, you can do so later by putting in the “pocket app” and it will automatically sync it to your phone, iPad  and other devices so that you can take a look at it later. You can pocket anything, articles, webpage, video content, anything and everything that you see online. If you have the content in your pocket app then you can read I anytime, anywhere and from any device. You just have to log in to the app using your pocket app username and password and you are all set to view your content.
  4. Alfred- This is a keyboard driven productive app for Mac OSK users. This app helpas users launch apps and search the computer and the web with super fast speed. Users can launch any app in a short cut and depending on the usage of the app Alfred will prioritize them. You can quickly search files, bookmarks,  music files and contacts. With this app now you no longer have to remain in confusion searching for an important document that you saved in your phone. You can search your favorite websites and launch them easily. With Alfred you can increase the speed and efficiency of your Mac. It is a fast app launcher that keep in mind user’s preferences and with this app in use you will never have to leave the keypad and go for a mouse or the track pad.
  5. Crash plan – These days people use their mobile phones to  store all their data and if something happens you might lose all this vital data leaving you devastated so you need a back up for your data. So, you need a back up for your data and that is why you should download the crash plan app which helps you retrieve any data that you have backed up online on crash plan central. You just have to browse the online back up and download your files to your or Android device with crash plan app you can archive your files and folders download and view them, access them securely with private passwords. This is a perfect app for backing up your data. It is available for free download for iOS and Android users.