Reviews of Samsung Galaxy S III – Samsung Galaxy S III Is God

Samsung is one company that really has the potential to stand against its arch rival Apple Inc. Its ace player is the Samsung Galaxy S III.


samsung galaxy s 3 reviews


  • Large Screen, beautiful 4.8 inch display
  • Incredibly light
  • Android 4.0 
  • Snappy and very responsive
  • Handles speedy T-Mobile 4G network really well
  • Free Apps and the Free videos
  • Great Camera
  • Customizable
  • Removable Battery
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Quality Build
  • Dual core


  • Battery life could be better
  • Voice needs updating
  • Back cover feels flimsy when taken off
  • No SD card included
  • If you’re an Outlook user, the “Kies Software cannot sync calendar events from Outlook.”
  • Hungry for power, need to observe the battery.
  •  Google Wallet is installed, but can’t be enabled.
  • Can not play N.O.V.A game.
  • S3 music player does not appear on lock screen. Have to turn on the lock screen and pull down the notification bar to be able to pause/play/skip.




This phone will sure win your heart. It IS definitely recommended over iPhone 4s and HTC. The screen is amazing, and it makes the iPhone look like a toy. Apps run smoothly, its very fast, light, and it is hard to put the thing down.. Overall I was pleased with the speed of the phone, apps load up instantaneously and the processing load is insignificant with the speed of the S4 chipset and the 2GB of RAM. The overall design of the phone’s exterior is beautiful with the exception of the back cover. Besides maintaining a thin sleeker profile than its predecessors the backing feels cheap and plasticky. Looks can be deceiving when u first see the back of the phone. Btw, the overall phone is glossy and is a huge fingerprint magnet. It would probably be less noticeable on the White S3. There is a bit of sturdiness with the phone and it is pretty lightweight but not to the point where you feel like the phone will break in your hands. Gripping the phone is alright and the screen as usual is smooth and very touch friendly. The screen is beautiful and again Samsung has done a good job with its utilization of AMOLED displays. The new TouchWiz 5.0 interface really brings out the best of the phone’s display along with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Definitely goes beyond the previous TouchWiz interfaces on the previous Galaxy phones..

It’s annoying every time it redirects you to the Web search when it can’t pull up an answer. Other features such as face detection for unlocking the phone and keeping the phone on while reading are great and useful additions to the phone. Camera and video quality are stunning and Samsung has done a really good job with new features such as burst capture and capturing images in the middle of recording. The addition of the LED flash comes in handy in dark environments, something that was missing from the Galaxy S which was disappointing. The front color changing notification LED is also quite handy. It lets you know when the phone is on standby, charging, or has received notifications by changing the color of the LED. I still have to try out more functions that utilize the front LED but overall its a nice addition to the phone. T-Mobile 4G speeds are decent on the phone and coverage is good as always, I am consistently hitting 12 Mbps download and 2.5 Mbps upload here out in Long Island, NY. GPS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth 4.0 work flawlessly which is a relief because my old phone the Galaxy S had problems with the GPS. Compared to other phones currently out in the market, the S3 definitely stands out with its unique specs, design and UI. Despite the fantastic design and UI, Samsung could have done better with the battery life and the back cover. Now the only thing I am waiting for is the update for Android 4.1 Jellybean. Overall, this is a fantastic phone and I would highly recommend it for those that are interested in purchasing it.