Top 5 Games for Samsung Galaxy S3

top 5 games of samsung

Nowadays, it is a great pleasure to use the smart phones. People have modern smart phones equipped with modern technologies. In most of the cases, the companies or manufacturers release new models of smart phones with the passage of time. This is called updating the smart phones according to the requirements and changes. People using these smart phones are happy because of the fastest work processing.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is a well known smart phone present in the markets. The manufacturer of this smart phone is Samsung. It is included in Galaxy series. It means if there is a tag of S3 with this smart phone then it is the third one in Galaxy series.

It might be true but we are not going to discuss this matter. Today, we are interesting to share the entertainment this smart phone contains.   As a matter of fact, Samsung Galaxy S3 is quipped with the latest entertainment technologies and functions. Playing games on Samsung galaxy S3 means a lot of fun, it’s not essay writing or reading boring books. Some of the most important functions are given below.

  • Internet functions.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless sensing technologies.
  • Touch pads.
  • Beautiful casings.
  • Big screen display.
  • Faster and modern processors.
  • Enhanced Video and sound quality.

What you about the Samsung Galaxy S3 games?

People who are using this smart phone are suggested to open the fun box in order to see how many games are present in this smart phone. Usually, people install the top games by downloading from internet. It is possible with the help of internet options.  There are some important and popular games given in this article for readers.

Shadowgun: play it before you end

It is a popular and modern game developed by famous game manufacturer Madfinder Games.  Shadowgun is an interesting game. You play this game as a 3rd person who is a shooter. This game takes the players in year 2350. In this age the players are given a name “John Slade” who is given special shooting missions.  Dr. Edgar Simon is the enemy of humans. He is a scientist who has his dangerous mutant army to fight against humans. With the passage of time this game becomes difficult. It means with each level you cross there will be new challenges for you.

Temple Run: an interesting game for users

This interesting game has been developed by most popular Raleigh-based Imangi Studios. As a matter of fact, Temple Run is a game that doesn’t have any end. This game is about an ancient temple. It means you have to find some interesting things in this temple.

Remember, this game is highly addictive because there are monkeys in game to make it interesting. Actually, these monkeys are to kill the explorers. On the other hand, bonus life power and gold coins are offered in this game for the player to continue the game with peace.

RideTide Gp

For the users of Samsung Galaxy S3 “Vector Games” has presented RideTide GP. This is an interesting water racing game. Remember, it is the first mobile game that includes water racing.  Interesting features of this game are given below.

  • Rapid River with a jet.
  • To create interest there are Twisting canals in this game.
  •  Ultramodern cityscapes are also present in this game.
  • Stunts are also offered in order to create more points.
  • There are total 6 jets and 12 racing tracks included in this game.

Frontline Commando

Glu Games presented Frontline Commando. This is a 3rd person game for shooting program and enjoyment.  In this game, you have to kill the army of a dictator. It means you will be an army man in this game. Shoot all the army with dictator in order to win the game.


Rockstar Games introduced a popular game Grand Theft Auto III.  This game needs nothing about story and actions. Most of the players know about it. You can enjoy this game on Samsung Galaxy S3 easily.

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