iPhone 5 wins over Samsung Galaxy S3 in Display mate’s Quality test Analysis

iphone 5 vs galaxy s3

A quality analysis of the displays on the two best Smartphones of year 2012 gives an edge to the 4 inch screen of Apple iPhone 5 over the 4.8 inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S3. The analysis was done by Displaymate, which reasons out that the IPS LCD screen display of Apple iPhone 5 is better as opposed to the OLED display of Samsung. Apple iPhone 5 is given kudos for having the highest Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light score on any mobile device Displaymate has ever tested.

On testing the Pentile Display on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it showed that power limits inherent with OLED screens make the display less bright as much as half that of Apple iPhone 5.

Apple made great effort to make the colors of iPhone 5 very accurate, whereas Display mate chides that Samsung has not bothered to calibrate the color Gamut on its OLED screen, which causes inaccurate color presentation on AMOLED screens of Galaxy phones.

Display mate analyzed that iPhone 5’s Retina screen Display is the best Smartphone display to date and it beats the OLED screen display of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Display mate gave the display of iPhone 5 a straight  “A” as it posed an improved color gamut and factory calibration that delivers accurate colors and good picture quality. Whereas it stated that the display of Samsung OLED screen as  “very good” but gave it a “B+” stating that OLED is a new technology and has not yet been so refined like the LCD screen of iPhones, so it does not objectively perform well like iPhone.


The overall assessment of Display Mate is

  • Viewing Tests

Applevery good images, photos and videos have accurate color and accurate contrast.

SamsungGood images, photos and videos have too much color and accurate contrast.


  • Variation with viewing angle

Apple- Small color shifts with viewing angle, large brightness shifts with viewing angle.

SamsungMedium color shifts with viewing angle, medium brightness shifts with viewing angle.


  • Overall display assessment

Apple-Excellent LCD display

Samsung- Very good OLD display


  • Overall Display Calibration

Apple-Excellent Calibration

Samsung-Calibration needs major improvement


  • Overall Display Grade

Apple- A

Samsung– B+

Thus, Apple’s iPhone 5 beat Samsung’s Galaxy S3 in a display tech “shoot-out” at screen testing firm DisplayMate Technologies.


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