10 things that Compel Customers to Buy iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 is a big hit. It is evident with the 2 million sales of this new smart phone in just 24 hours of its availability. It s shipping starts 21st September. It surpassed the record of iPhone 4S’s 1 million sales in the first day of its availability a year ago.

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This record sales and demand over supply created more hype and speculation bound as to what made this phone so popular. Some believe it is the new features offered that made it popular, whereas others say it is simply because they are crazy for the brand. Whatever may be the reason, Apple iPhone 5 is the biggest hit of the year so far.

Let’s take a look at the many reasons why so many people are deciding to buy the iPhone 5 as Apple ships them.

1.  The 4G LTE

The 4G LTE integration in the new iPhone 5 is the biggest advancement Apple offers for this new smart phone. The previous versions of iPhone supported only 3G, but now with the 4G LTE customers can access faster connection speeds.  On the iPhone 5 carrier AT&T the customers can bridge the gap between 3G and 4G LTE with HSPA+ when faster connections are not available.

2. iPhone 4S boredom

Though it is the Apple’s pre order record setter before iphone 5, it seems kind of boring now. It set this record because more carriers were offered on its launch day. It is a catch up device, so many are ignoring the iphone 4S now and seeking for iPhone 5.

3.   Better Performance

iPhone 5 comes with Apple’s A6 processor which performs tasks 4 times faster than the iPhone 4 which had A5 processor. This better performance is enough for power users to pre-order the new iPhone 5.

4.       The New Design

The new design is not a huge update but still it made a clear impression on every one’s mind, after all look also matters. Design and look are extremely important for customers to rush to pre order and time and again iPhone has proved this.

5.       Peer Pressure sells iPhone

Peer Pressure is always a sale factor for iPhone. Students of high school, college are the most important sector of the mobile consumer market. They are so excited to lay their hands on this new phone. The sooner they have it the sooner they form an impression among their friends. Students or the younger age group are the force behind iPhone’s success. It would be foolish if they are unaccounted for iPhone’s success.

5.  Massive Hype

The hype that Apple created before the launch of its new iPhone 5 was huge and this created an air of suspense amongst the fans of Apple which made them want it even more. The company event at San Francisco was held on September 12th at which iPhone 5 rose dramatically from under the stage. Afterwards, it was displayed stylishly to the journalists leaving them in awe and the photographers were left clicking their shots continuously. This display and drama helped buyers to be ready to place their Pre-orders.

7.      Apple’s Scheduling

Now this was a smart move made by the company. It had made the announcement and display of the handset on 12th September and then offered up the preorders two days later. This gave time for the customers’ ample amount of time to decide if they are eligible for it and if they should but it. Apple avoided the major mistake the companies make by offering preorders on the same day the products are announced. It is a big mistake and Apple has proved it.

8.      Camera Play a Major Part

The 8 mega pixel camera at the rear in the iPhone 5 was a smart decision. The sub-par lenses in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was boring the customers. This 8 MP camera gives a fresh feel to the iPhone 5 and fixes the customer dissatisfaction with earlier cameras and caused a buying frenzy.

9.  Impressive Display

Apple has been offering iPhone ownwers with small screen of 3.5 inchs only whereas android handsets had larger display screens. This was a setback for iPhone. This disadvantage was solved with the 4 inch display screen and 5 rows of icons are allowed in the new iPhone 5. The screen also has better color saturation. This attractive display has attracted more customers.

10.  Legacy Customers

A lot of customers loyal to the iPhone were getting bored with the same design in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.  The iPhone 5 has some attractive new features. So, the previous owners decide now is the time to go with the latest and greatest model of Apple handset.The iPhone 5, however has some attractive new features. As a result, current iPhone owners,  perhaps getting bored with the earlier models, decided now is the time to go with the latest and greatest.

So, these are the ten reasons that compel the customers to buy the new Apple iPhone 5. Grab hold of the new iPhone 5 ASAP!!!


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