10 reasons to Pick an Android Over The iPhone

This world might have lots of iPhone lovers and will probably in deeper love with the iPhone that they might purchase this October when it is released. But the number of Android’s lovers is not a small amount that can be unnoticed on planet earth. Here are some reasons why you might pick an Android over The iPhone.

10 reason to android over iphone

1.      Custom ROMs

This is the prime reason for picking Android over iPhone. It will great appeal to your inner nerd. It is an open platform which opens a lot of opportunities for developers.  Custom ROMs are a different version of Android that is built on the stock Operating system that adds better features unlike the Apps in iPhone.

2.      Google voice Integration

The Google voice on Android is amazing. The Google voice App that is available in iPhone is not deeply integrated when compared to the one on Android. With Android’s Google voice you can send messages online with a single unified voice mail that you can access from anywhere and also make those low international calls. All thanks to Google voice integration on Android.

3.       Expandable Memory

In the modern age of technology where memory is cheap, it is still absurd if you pay $100 for a 16GB memory on an iPhone. But for most of the Android phones you can easily expand the storage of your phone by micro SD cards, which will cost less you a lot lesses than $ 100 that Apple charges you.

4.      Widgets

This one other software feature where Android wins Over the iPhone. Android has a software feature that iPhone’s iOS lacks, the ability to arrange all your useful info on your phone’s home screen, instead of having it arranged in rows and rows of Apps. Also this is widely supported that many developers use. You can get all the updates in front of you when turn on your phone.

5.      Flash Compatibility

Now this is a real advantage that Android has over the iPhone. Android has a built in Flash so you need have to get those annoying notifications which ask you to install flash to view the content. Apple’s iOS lacks this.

6.      Customizable Home Launcher and Home screens

This is where Android has a huge advantage over the iPhone. Android puts all the Apps in a separate menu option which allows the customers to easily customize the home screen, whereas Apple’s iPhone arranges all these in rows and rows and does not allow customization. On Android phones you can easily arrange only a few selected Apps to give your home screen a clean look and also show off the background. This is not possible with iPhone.

7.      Alternate App Markets

Android has the ability to install different applications from different markets. This is beneficial for the users as different markets mean more competition and so they offer discounts. For example Amazon app store offers a free app each day for high quality paid apps and also discounts on popular apps. Unlike Apple where users have to use from only Apple stores.

8.      Alternative keyboard

iPhone has a definitely amazing keyboard than Android but what is great about Android is you can customize the keyboard too along with the system. You can get better thumb typing options on Android phones. Android has alternative keyboard called Swype keyboard that changes the way you type on a touch screen phone.

9.      Wide selection of devices/carriers

iPhone is an excellent phone with good build quality. But Android is open to various top end manufacturers that have a wide range of high quality and well designed selection. iPhone has two major carriers out of the four but they have high priced monthly plans. But if you want to pay less for your plans then Android is a must have for you.

  1. Google Maps Navigation. If you largely rely on navigation system then you must most definitely need an Android phone. The Google Navigation app is an amazing navigation on Android that is not available on most of its rivals systems. What’s best about it is free!

These are just a few reasons why one must pick an Android over iPhone. There lots more. All left is to decide for yourself which one to pick!!


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