Samsung Galaxy S4 Set To Release In February 2013

Nah!! Do not overload your Adrenalin. It was a rumor circulated by an unnamed official of Samsung. The South Korean based company cleared this misconception through twitter.  “Please note that some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S3 subsequent models will be released in a simple rumor is not true. [If] not doing anything, why spread these rumors?” said Samsung.

Korean Times reported that an unnamed official of Samsung confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and the handset will be released to the market a month later.

samsung galaxy s4

This news caused quite a stir in the technology world and excitement in the hearts of the galaxy lovers.  It also managed to take away the buzz around iPhone 5 for some time. However, Samsung had put an end to these rumors via Twitter. It was intelligent decision made by Samsung at the right time. Reason behind this is, the company ace phone and iPhone’s rival Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a bestselling smart phone, which outsole the iPhone 4S in recent months and it bagged 20 million sales in its first 100 days. It is expected that it will reach 30 million sales mark by the end of the year. The Samsung is trying its best to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S3 to Latest Android system, Jelly Bean, to attract customers and also to compete with the iPhone 5’s new iOS 6.

Samsung has a flurry of other launches in its mind. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is ready to hit the markets in a month; Galaxy S3 Mini and Galaxy S2 Plus are ready to hit shelves soon. So, it seems to be that we all have to wait a little longer for the Galaxy S4 announcement Until then, lets enjoy what is served on our plate.


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