It’s not a secret that Bitcoin is the leader in the cryptocurrency market. Often, its price fluctuations determine the overall market trend, shaking it every time it drops or boosts. In spring 2022, the BTC rate lived through a significant drop. Experts outline the following reasons for it:

  • FED raised interest rates
  • Binance temporarily blocked withdrawals in BTC 
  • News background did not contribute to the BTC growth.

As of mid-September, the BTC USDT rate is $20,180. 

Where to Buy BTC?

Those who want to purchase BTC on its downtrend have an idea of how the market works. Smart investors always try to buy crypto assets when their rates drop, hold them in the long term, and then benefit when the price boosts. If you have not got any crypto coins yet, and this BTC purchase will be your first, try the WhiteBIT exchange. It allows converting BTC to USDT and trading with fiat. BTC dollar transactions are available for registered clients. Let’s see how you can do it:

  • register on the WhiteBIT exchange;
  • pass KYC;
  • create your account;
  • add your bank card to it;
  • move the needed number of dollars to your account;
  • click “Exchange” and pick dollars and BTC in the table. 

The exchange calculator will provide the current BTC USDT price and the fee. Once the commission is paid, you receive your Bitcoins in your account.

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