Flying for work can be exhausting. While traveling for business might sound fun in theory, the truth is that for many executives it can mean long hours, little sleep, and major disruptions in their usual business operations. If you’re preparing for an important business trip, you might be considering chartering a private flight. Many business executives and everyday travelers alike agree that flying private is one of the most efficient ways to travel, especially if you are hoping to conduct business onboard a flight, or want to maximize your time in the air so as not to slow productivity. Here are some of the biggest advantages of flying private for business travel.

  1. Flexibility

Finding a flight to your desired destination on a date that works best with your schedule can be difficult, especially as prices begin to rise closer to your trip. One of the biggest advantages of flying private is being able to charter a jet to any destination at any time so that you can travel on your own terms. This allows you to work a business trip into your busy schedule with little to no inconvenience or disruption.

  1. On Call Assistance

Many private jet companies allow travelers to access around-the-clock assistance regarding their upcoming trips. This means that any questions or concerns you might have – ranging from information about travel times to wondering “are masks required on private planes?” – can be answered quickly and correctly, simplifying your travel experience.

  1. No-Hassle Flights

One of the worst parts of any trip that requires flying is the hours that are spent in the airport. From getting through security to finding your gate and all of the time spent wandering around in between, taking a commercial flight is not the most efficient way to travel, especially when you are on an already-tight schedule. Many private jet companies boast that passengers will be in the air within 20 minutes of their arrival at the airport, which is beneficial to busy executives and professionals who do not have any time to deal with the hassle of traditional flights. This limited amount of time spent in the airport combined with the on-demand, flexibility of private jets make chartering a flight the most efficient way to travel on any business trip.