With gas prices more expensive than ever around the country, many consumers are searching for unique ways to save money at the pump. While finding the best gas prices can be difficult, many consumers have found creative ways to save money when fueling. Here are 3 surprising ways to save money on gas.

  1. Switch to an Alternative Mode of Transportation

While it’s no secret that riding methods of public transportation such as a bus or train can be cheaper than spending money on gas, what many drivers don’t realize is that switching to an unconventional method of transportation such as a motorcycle from Get Lowered Cycles can cut their monthly gas bill in half. Motorcycles get a whopping 60 miles per gallon on average, and can go further on less fuel than most traditional vehicles, meaning they are actually one of the most cost effective ways to travel!

  1. Join a Loyalty Program

Since you have to get gas anyway, you might as well passively earn money back and access exclusive savings by joining a gas station’s loyalty program. Some stations offer lower prices on fuel exclusively for members, while others allow you to earn points over time in order to unlock discounts and other rewards, meaning the more you fuel up the more you can save over time. You might as well join the loyalty program at as many local stations as possible, so you can save money whenever and wherever you need to fuel!

  1. Pay With Gas

One easy way to save money on fuel that most consumers don’t know about is paying with cash instead of using a card at the pump. While pre-paying with a debit or credit card might be more convenient in the moment (let’s be honest: no one actually wants to go inside of the gas station, especially if you’re in a hurry), paying in cash can save you several cents per gallon, and on average, up to $10 on the cost of a full tank of gas! Some stations advertise this, but others don’t; however paying in cash at most stations around the country can save you a bit of money, so it might be worth it to ask the cashier or try it next time you need to fuel up.