Cats over gadgets – the power of a furry friend to alienate one from the demanding tech addiction

Modern time is being driven by technology. Every step we take, we turn to digital gadgets to perform tasks for us. From the smallest calculation of a division to the sometimes difficult task of side-parking, all can be or are solved by a computer.


What can one high-tech human do during a black-out? Discover true life! I should have said re-discover life but new generation doesn’t know how to live without their iPhones and laptops. But there are professional teachers around us who are ready to teach us how to lay back and enjoy a Zen healthy lifestyle.

In other words, our kids can learn from our cats how to love natural lifestyle. Ever noticed how some cats purr while playing with a plain box instead with the electric cat-dedicated toy?

This means she is completely enjoying herself and doesn’t need any gadget for it. No one can pretend in front of kids or the entire household to get rid of the technology and get back to the life of the Middle Ages but one can achieve a balance between the two.

Teach your child to appreciate the joy of playing outside with the family dog or the sheer thrill of teasing the cat with a feather toy just as much as one enjoys spending a couple of hours gaming.

Cat are best teachers in this matter as they tend to enjoy life as much as possible and chose to take a nap first when confronted with lots of problems. Cats never think of their problems and this is why they fall asleep quickly.

One of the greatest challenges that parents face nowadays is when their offspring rave for video games and Xbox games. Once they find themselves back home from school, they rush to finish their homework and quickly scrawl a few words then off they go to the computer.

They are born and raised in a highly technologized era and don’t know how to live without it. And their parents don’t know how to teach them to do so. Here is where the cat enters the stage. A cat is very balanced creature and can spread around a sense of serenity. Some cats purr loudly when they are comfortable and by this they can transmit the sense of satisfaction to humans. To help your child enjoy life away from the keyboard agree with him on a daily schedule which includes 1-2 hours of grooming and playing with the cat. This way the child will not feel that he is punished and his access to technology is being denied completely.

As time goes by, your child will learn how to act around an animal, how to “read” body language and how to communicate more efficiently.

All these skills will go a long way; talking to the family cat while petting her in the childhood years can help the full-grown adult to socialize easily and to make new friends in the blink of an eye.

Apart from this while spending time with the cat, the child will begin to enjoy more and more, while grooming the animal a special bond between the two will develop as time goes by. As a result, the child will look forward to spending time with the cat, not only in front of the TV or PlayStation.

Another learning for both kids and adults is that a cat has a special power to calm one down and human can learn from them how to relax effectively and fall asleep quickly. Cats are great teachers on how to enjoy quality time among family and friends, leaving the problems and the stress at the doorsteps.