Cold calling is among the ethical dilemmas that marketers get caught up in. Does it work? Yes, it still does even in 2021, and if you do it right, it could be the answer to increased sales. Businesses that have embarked on fruitful cold calling journeys will tell you that it is one of the best strategies for generating leads, regular prospecting, controlling your listing and promotion. 

Therefore, if you are looking to give cold calling a try, you should go for it. Here are some cold calling tips that will take your marketing efforts a notch higher.

1. Do not waste time

Cold calling gets frustrating once you start feeling that you are wasting time. If you are contacting everybody on your list, then the chances are high that you will waste time. One way to avoid time wastage is to narrow down your list to only contacts who you strongly feel that your products and services will help and respond positively to. 

The best way to go about this is by listing down your criteria based on the niche, geography, and role in an organization. This way, you will not spend time calling people who are not likely to 


2. Work with an appropriate calling schedule

Just like sending emails, you need to find the right to call. Otherwise, you will not get the response or results you are looking for. Have a particular schedule, informed by when likely the prospects are likely to pick your call. 

Prospects are more likely to answer your calls when they are not swamped with work. This makes tea breaks, and lunch breaks the ideal time to call. 

3. Prepare excellent voicemails

How many times do you call your friends and you have to leave voicemails? Countless, right? Well, the prospects may not always be able to pick your calls, and leaving a voicemail is better than not communicating at all. That is why you need to learn the art of creating effective voicemails. 

An effective voicemail will include information that piques the prospect’s interest and motivates you to call you back. Do not rumble and keep your message less than 20 seconds. At least leave something to talk about once the prospect calls you back. 

4. Have a cold calling script

Have a useful cold calling script, but don’t recite it like a robot. A script will help you stay articulated and communicate your message within the shortest time possible. Your script should include an introduction, a value proposition, and a rebuttal to common objections that you will get from your calls.

Take away

Marketers and sales agents that have utilized the tips above can attest that it is an effective way of winning customers over. Also, expect rejection from the calls, but don’t let it instill fear. Instead, make it fun and use it as an opportunity to understand what the different prospects want. Cold calling is not dead, and if you maintain quality, it will work for you.