It was a smart move of Windows to launch its new software version Windows 8 in October just before the holiday season. It is shopping time in December, when many new PCs, laptops and tablets will be loaded with Windows 8 and will be available in the market.

windows 8 tips

If you are planning to buy a new Windows device make sure your secure your investment as your Windows 8 might be vulnerable. When people tend to buy latest tech gadgets, security is a second thought. It is important to secure your device by protecting your investment and personal data as well.

Here are 6 easy tips to protect your Windows 8 device.

  • Give importance to security -Yes, you need to consider your security options from the starting itself. Create a strong password to protect your device, connect only to secure wireless network that is registered. Get services like NortonLive PC Quick Start that makes your device run with ease and safely.
  • Be careful in choosing apps- Every app that you download has at least a little access to your private info but some apps use this info to access your device in a wrong way. Before clicking the option “I Accept”, read the user agreement completely and know if the manufacturer has rights that you would not allow. Also make sure you download apps only from reliable sources or the official Windows store.
  • Your password needs to be secure- Create unique and complex passwords which must be a combination of numbers and letters. Do not share this password with anyone. This way your private info and important data will be protected. Always give a recovery email id so that you can recover your account info even when your device is lost or your account is hacked.
  • Stay aware of unknown links- Social network users are becoming vulnerable with the phising efforts. Click jacking and other techniques are tricking users to click on malicious content that might reveal confidential info of hackers can control over the device. Hackers infect one account and then they post links to dangerous websites with attractive phrases. Users must be alert of suspicious posts from friends that seem apart from normal and should not click on such posts.
  • Be alert about unsecure websites-Cyber criminals set up fraud websites that seem to offer great deals. In reality they are fake, making the customers to enter the banking details. When doing online shopping enter into only reliable outlets and make sure you make transactions across secure pages only.
  • Choose a security product like a Windows defender i.e. Microsoft free security solution which offers basic protection same as Windows 7 and Windows XP. Though it is good, it has its shortcomings. It works only on internet explorer and unfortunately other browsers like firefox and chrome are unprotected. Windows 8 needs security software as recommended by Windows 8 to protect against threats and attacks.

Choose a security product to protect your device. Multi protection device is a good option as it offers to protect tablets, phones and PCs, all with one single device.