Ecwid brings fully-automated sales tax calculations provided by TaxJar to merchants so they can spend less time worrying about the complicated country and state-specific tax laws and more time focusing on their business.

These calculations are able to take in variables that include:

  • State Tax
  • City Tax
  • Tax Districts
  • Origin and Destination Laws
  • Shipping Tax
  • Inter-State Tax
  • Product-Level Tax

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform that helps merchants sell their products all over the world. They have just released their latest VAT and sales tax calculator that is designed with the merchant in mind. They have partnered together with TaxJar in order to come up with this logic-based tax calculator.

Up until now, merchants would have to figure out how to navigate through all of the complicated and unique tax laws that change state to state and country to country. It is a difficult thing to calculate and it required these merchants to dedicate significant resources to determine these rates. They would typically rely on manual calculations in order to come up with the final tax and VAT rates for their sales. Now, it can all be done automatically.

These calculations are done at the time of checkout so the purchaser can see what the final after-tax cost will be for the purchase. It is a helpful tool for merchants that are looking to scale. They no longer have to deal with tax laws and regulations for their e-commerce stores.

TaxJar is continuously updated with all of the latest tax law changes from across the world. In the past, merchants would be held responsible for keeping up with these changes and implementing them into their online stores every time they change. Now, Ecwid’s customers  can rely on TaxJar to do this work for them automatically.

The old way of doing things required merchants to dig through their data-packed spreadsheets every quarter just to make sure they were compliant with the tax laws of each location. They would have to do this for every location that they sold products to. As you could imagine, this would be a nightmare for e-commerce stores that sell worldwide.

Ecwid’s new functionality, of course, takes care of all of this for them. It automatically adjusts the tax and VAT costs for the purchaser based on the tax laws of that location. Simply by using Ecwid, you can feel confident that all of this hard work will be taken care of for you.

This will free up a lot of man-hours for these merchants. Instead of dedicating weeks of man-hours just to keep up with tax regulations, they can now use that additional time to improve their company. This will result in better e-commerce stores and a better experience for shoppers around the web.

About Ecwid:

Ecwid is an e-commerce platform that hosts over a million users worldwide. These users are all merchants that are based out of over 175 countries and counting. Ecwid is so widely used because of its easy to implement platform which allows merchants to use it across all of their e-commerce stores. It is a cloud-based platform and will integrate into virtually any website seamlessly.