Cell phone which was a luxury in yesteryears has now become a necessity. We literally cannot step out of our homes without them. For us it is like carrying a wallet or purse. Though they are so precious to us, sometimes we accidentally drop them or throw water etc. When they meet these accidents we panic for sometime not knowing what to do. You, do not have to worry so much, they can be fixed. Here are 5 common problems with cell phones and how they can be fixed.



1. Fixing a Wet Cell Phone

Have you dropped your phone in the washbasin or a swimming pole by accident? Your heart missed a beat wondering it is dead now. Relax; there is a way to get it working again. All you need to do is to quickly turn your phone off, remove its battery and cover and place it in a plastic cover full of dry rice and newspaper pieces. The rice and newspaper will absorb all the moisture from the phone. If there is sunlight then keep the plastic cover out in the sun so that the water evaporates.

2.  Fixing Scratches On a Display Screen

Even a new phone loses its shiny new look when the display screen has scratches on it. These scratches make it difficult to read. If you are planning to fix this by replacing it with a new screen, then drop the idea as you can fix it with petroleum jelly or an eraser. Wipe away dust or dirt that is present on the screen and then with the eraser erase the scratch or rub petroleum jelly on it. Wipe excess with a neat cloth.

3.Fixing a Dirty Mobile phone keypad that is not functioning

Gently shake your phone to remove superficial dirt and dust on the keyboard. Then blow the between the keys compressed air from a balloon so that the dust and debris between them is loosened and falls out, finally vacuum between keys to remove remaining dust and when done clean with a soft clean cloth.

4.  Fixing Trackball Malfunction

Is your Phone trackball refusing to function while you’re scrolling down to read an email or a text? The reason could be dust and dirt trapped that makes the movement tardy. Soak a piece of cloth in alcohol and wipe the trackball with it or you can also take the trackball out and manually clean it.

5. Fixing Cellphone Hangs

Does your phone often freeze and refuse to respond. The first thing you should do in such case is turn it off and wait for a few seconds and then turn it on. If the problem is not resolved still remove its battery and place it again after a few minutes or connect it to your PC and restore it and also look for instructions in your phone settings or menu.


These are 5 common cell phone problems and easy ways you can fix it. So, next time do not panic when your phone faces one of these problems and try fixing it yourself.