Sports. This is something that unites nations across the globe. People may have their differences but when it comes to sports they all stand together to support their countries. You cannot imagine the world without sports. Every year billions of people tune in to watch a number of sports that are played worldwide. Each country has its own favorite sport. Some sports like football are famous all over the world and millions of people watch a single football game. People often forget how important a role sports play in their lives. Sports and sportsmen influence culture in every country. Another thing that people forget about sports is that they are a great source of entertainment. There is a reason why professional athletes of few sports get paid lots of money. It is because if they are playing then more people will likely watch the event. 

The players who are considered stars are very important for sporting events. This is because they are the ones that can win the game for their teams. If they play well then the sponsors, advertisers and media can make more money. There is no need to emphasize how much money people spend to organize sports events and how much they earn in return. But there is also a way in which the audience can win and that way as you already know is betting. Betting on sports is not a new concept. This has been going on for centuries. However, betting on sports events is illegal in most parts of the world. But things are changing in recent times. More and more countries are loosening the rules on betting. People prefer to bet online. This has been the new trend and everyone seems to be liking it. To make online betting more accurate some platforms are using AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI seems to be creeping its way into everything online and betting is one of them. Many people claim that AI is going to change the way people bet online and here is how it could do it. 

More accurate predictions

AI has been evolving with each passing year. For the past few years, AI algorithms for betting have shown great promise. When you bet on a certain team you are placing your bet most of the time basing your luck. Depending on your luck you may win or lose the game, the chance is always 50-50. However, AI is not like that. It doesn’t go by instincts like humans. The only thing it knows is calculations. When you talk about competitive sports it is all about which team has the highest chances of winning. But as humans, you can only take a few things into consideration. However, AI looks at all the data that is available to it upto that point in time. Based on that data it starts making predictions. If you think that these predictions are only based on the past performance of the team over the years then you are completely wrong. 

There are a lot of factors that it takes into consideration. If it’s a team sport then it looks at the past performances of the individual players. Not only that but it also looks at how they have performed when it is most needed. Apart from that, it looks at the fitness levels of sportsmen too. This data will help the AI to perform even more calculations to predict if the player is going to do well in a particular game. This is not only true for team sports but also for single-player sports like tennis, badminton, and etc. Because of this, you can not only bet on team sports but also the outcome of single-player sports. However, there is one thing that you should keep in mind that is the amount of data that is available to the AI algorithm or not. The more the data the more accurate predictions. 

If the data available to the algorithm is less then don’t expect the outcome to be absolutely accurate. The good thing about AI is that it keeps collecting the data and analyzes it every time to come up with predictions that are more accurate. Some of these AI algorithms are proven to be accurate in the past. In 2017 an AI algorithm was able to predict the Superbowl wins. Selecting the right platform is very important before placing the bet. If you don’t know which platform to use then you should go for the Powerplay website. It provides a platform for people with casino services and a place to bet on sports. You can place bets on sports like American football, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, MMA, baseball, cricket, and many more. They offer a wide range of options along with real-time customer service. 

Prevents money laundering

This is one of the main reasons why betting has been banned in so many countries. There are so many criminals and scammers who use major sporting events to launder money in the name of betting. Once AI takes over the circuit it will be easier to identify the illegal activities that are taking place on betting sites. AI is designed to comply with anti-money laundering laws and it will recognize any activity that is questionable. It will warn the company owners or other people when something suspicious takes place. It may not do this right away from the launch but it will learn to recognize the patterns very quickly. Making it more reliable than human intelligence. 

Dealing with bots

Many scammers are using bots to place bets on casino services and sporting events. This will give them an unfair advantage as an algorithm is making predictions for them and placing them. Many people who gamble online lose money because of such bots. It is very difficult for a human to recognize both but not for an AI algorithm. It will know who is actually placing the bet if it is not a human then it automatically eliminates the account from betting. 

Helps with gambling addiction

Gambling and betting have always been looked down upon. This is because people have seen many people who get addicted to gambling and lose everything. Today you can gamble from literally anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. This can make it more addicting as it is easy to access. But AI can stop this. It can calculate how much time a person is spending on the gambling platform. If they are spending too much time then it will automatically stop freezing their account for some time. This will make sure that people are not addicted to gambling.


Like it or not, AI is the technology of the future. So it is better to get used to AI. It is only going to get better and better in the near future. The rise of AI will make things easier for everyone who is involved in betting. It will help in leveling the playing field. People will not only get a fair chance of betting but also more chances of winning. AI is going to change sports betting forever.