Nothing looks worse as a business sign than one of those old signs with the slip-on letters which constantly fall off and read things like “ack’seer and Win.” This is simply an incredible deterrent. Immediately, you picture cockroaches and under-stocked shelved and expect foul odors with poor customer service. On the other hand, if you see a luminous, 3D, sparkling sign in the night with blazing artistic appeal and booming colors, you have to stop in awe and take a look inside regardless of the products being sold. This is especially true if you have your own business. There is an incredible urge to go in and ask the owner where they got their sign. Sign technology is incredible now and you can increase your turnover with sign appeal alone. It is all about attraction.

From Old Sign to Attractive Sign

Your business may have a fairly nice sign, actually. Fairly nice, but old is not good enough for two reasons. First, the design is probably a bit outdated and you could most likely use better branding. Secondly, it is probably sucking power like an electric vampire. When you need a sign lighting retrofit, Austin companies have the solutions you need at a reasonable rate which will chase the energy vampire away and pay for itself in no time at all. While you are at it, get a whole new sign and bring in more customers by impulse alone and increase sales and business productivity while renewing your branding. It is surprising how effective this will be. Make a fresh start and give your revenue a kick in the upward and onward direction.

Power Saved is Money Earned

As this country moves in aneco-friendlier direction, there are many new lighting solutions which will not only make your new business sign look better, but will cut down on your power bill significantly. Let the professionals tell you exactly what your lighting bill is costing you now and give you an estimate on what a retrofit will cost you over time. Once the numbers are added up, it will be clear how much money you will save. You will be excited and delighted to sign up for the new fit and once you see the new sign concepts, you will probably be ready to go ahead with a whole new design too. Customers will love it. Next, you might need a bigger parking lot. That comes later.

Enhancing Productivity

Consider productivity and signs. Think about the McDonald’s sign. This is probably the most efficient sign in history. People from all over the world just look for the golden arches of the sign and head straight for it when they get the craving for the food from this restaurant. It works and this is all there is to it. You can do the same for your company. People learn quickly based on symbols. Once they learn the colors, letters, and lighting to look for, when they need the products or services, they just look for the sign and head in that direction. Productivity is enhanced by mere attraction. It isn’t luck. It is a simple, practical investment.