The global games industry is worth more than $130 billion, and with so much money on the table, it means that the competition is fierce. Making a good game and hoping that people will buy it is no longer a smart strategy.


One effective way that developers are managing to make their games stand out is to let players customize the way that they play. By giving players more customization options, players can switch up the way that they play, making the game feel new every time they open it. It may also make them feel much more loyal to that game.

Character Customization

The form of customization that we see often in video games is character customization. A game may allow you to make a character that looks like you or your friends, as you can choose their face and appearance, their outfit, and what sort of skills and abilities they have.

Some games do more than this, though. Games like Fortnite have dozens of character skins, which it sells for a price. These skins range from bunny onesies to characters from movies as well as jerseys for your favorite sports team. This customization isn’t available in many other battle royale games, so this helps Fortnite to be more successful than its competitors.

Offer Different Bonuses

Something that all players love is freebies. When your competitors are also trying to appeal to these players, developers can make their games seem much more appealing by making them more affordable to play with free content and offers.

Many game developers and platforms offer multiple bonuses too. In the online casino game industry, you can get some good offers for slot games such as free spins and deposit bonuses. You just pick which spins offer you want, such as free spins on Immortal Romance, no deposit free spins when you register or double your first deposit. This way, whatever people want to play and however much they want to spend, there will be an offer that appeals to them.

Different Game Modes


Many games are popular because of one main game mode. The game may offer an incredible single player story campaign but once that has been completed, what do players do next? If developers want people to keep enjoying the game after they’ve completed one game mode, they are going to offer many others.

Some of the greatest single player games have also offered some really good multiplayer game modes. Dead Space 2 had Team Deathmatch, Assassin’s Creed 3 had Domination, and Doom had SnapMap. These modes all gave people ways to keep playing after release.

More games are being released every day, on PC, consoles, and on mobile devices, and that means that developers are having to come up with more ways for players to customize their games. These may be some of the most popular, but developers are working to think of more ideas too.