Understanding when to change directions in a marketing campaign can be difficult, especially if you are working with conflicting data that might suggest there are positives to what you are doing. You might already have fantastic autopilot mailchimp integration but that probably is not what is holding you back.

Content Approach

What you put in your emails makes a huge difference, what is the purpose of this email you are sending? Are you looking to inform? Entertain? There are so many approaches you could take that it can be easy to pick the wrong one that does not sync up with your subscribers. Understanding what your subscribers want should be the thought that is at the front of your mind with every content decision made in your emails.

If you deviate to much from what brought them to you in the first place, you will quickly see many leave to feel that void you once provided for them. We are not saying do not make changes because we all have to evolve our content but take what is great about what you used to provide and frame it in a new way. Make your informational posts a bit more fun possibly. Test some different tones out to see how your audience reacts. Do this gradually though.

Language Use

Language can have a massive impact on how subscribers receive your message, so whenever you write an email you need to have this in mind. You might have been using the wrong language for what appeals to your audience, even if it is the industry standard. If you are selling an online course you are going to want to highlight the value that the course is bringing to those that take it.

Including the right call to action at the end of your email is critical for improved conversions. Many of the most successful courses have their call to action calibrated to perfection. They understand the emotional needs of their audience and the language reflects that. Because often buying a product is not a logical decision, people are emotional by our very nature so play to the emotions that control our behaviour.

Knowing What Kind of Email You Are Sending

Understanding what you want your subscribers to do when they receive your email is so important to crafting a successful email. If you are sending the final email you want your audience to convert on, then do not make it too wordy. Make the call to action the focus. Provide useful insight and content for free.

Free ebooks are a popular form of useful content that can bring subscribers on your side. If you build a great ebook the best part about it is that you can turn that into different forms of content to later share with your audience. Recycling content into different mediums can be an effective way of keeping content fresh.

Create a build up though, you might not be seeing conversions if you are not providing value in your emails so make sure you butter up your customers with useful content and information before you hit them with a ton of transactional emails. That can lead to email fatigue.

Ultimately, knowing when to refocus your content is critical to the success of any email marketing campaign. Consistent testing and development of your email marketing approach will net you far more positive results then just hammering away at the same old approach. Do not forget that in this era of business those that give the most get the most in return. Do your best to be of use to your subscribers.