Renderforest is a trustworthy cloud-based software that enables users to make an assortment of introduction videos, infographics, animations and in addition musical or different kinds of representation in the quickest way that are imaginable.

This editing software was brought into the market in 2012 with the guarantee to make video creation a more straightforward assignment for any individual who needs to fiddle with it. This online video and lmage editor was worked to furnish enthusiasts with more choices to improve video creation without the need to experience an undesirably costly and confounded process.

The software professes to enable users to think of expert videos in only a few minutes. Aside from quality, Renderforest additionally furnishes its users with enough adaptability to make a wide range of visuals from basic infographics, logos to more mind-boggling slideshows and videos.

With a simple registration, the user is allowed to create promotional, high-quality broadcasting videos with less intimidating and easy process. All those videos created can help many businesses grow enormously among its brand.

Promotional videos are those which create awareness through video pitching and becomes easy to convey the message and broadcast the ideas. It thereby makes customers remember the business brand by creating the promotional videos by Renderforest. Also, it creates an emotional impact on the imaginary video content that is described.

The benefits of creating a promotional video content online are:

  1. Easy editing

The platform is ready for providing easy-to-use templates for creating beautiful videos online which can be used for promoting in many businesses. The steps involved in video creation is Choose a Video, Edit your Project Online, Download and Publish your Videos. In the end, the video is being rendered and then published. The rendered video can be viewed for preview which doesn’t cost anything. If anything is missed, the user can quickly make changes using the edit button.


  1. Used in Educational Projects

Renderforest video creation platform is not only developed for designing videos but to implement those videos in different fields that bring out additional benefits and ratings. There are 200+ different scenes with character animations and educational icons, background scenes, and more.

Likewise, for educational projects, value-added presentations on different useful topics and ideas can be created. It enables the educational staff to design videos that are helpful in making their candidates brighter in their future. Colorful and animated videos that encourage students enthusiasm can be created using many different sets of modules to build positiveness.

  1. Used in Business Projects

Most of the businesses can save a lot of money on creating many professional videos. The professional videos may include video ads, corporate presentation, infographics, explainer animations, event promotions, and even real estate listing type videos. No matter what the size is, Renderforest is helpful in designing the video accurately.

The business owners or users who require professional videos in developing their business and for boosting conversions and attain leads, Business Character Promotional video toolkit is available. It contains 100 corporate scenes in different categories like startups, business, and more.


  1. Used in Personal Projects

Personal projects usually include memories that should last forever. It generally comes up with different ideas and love that has to be showered in front of their loved ones. It may be Birthday greetings, wedding invitations, special event promotional videos and many more.

It also includes movie trailer creations, music events, award shows, any other promotional video that are specially made to impress one or many. Many creative templates and designs for different occasions and with varied tastes are available that help in designing wonderful and attractive videos.


  1. Large video template catalog

To begin the video-production process they can simply browse the RenderForest’s catalog of large video template. It has an excess of 300 video layouts for users to browse.

The software is right now taking a shot at adding more formats to expand their video template collection. In any case, until further notice, users can use a wide range of video templates.

They can make a standard advertising video, a corporate introduction video, kinetic typography, limited time videos, logo activities and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Once the user is finished picking a reasonable video layout, they can continue with the altering procedure.


Special Advantages of Renderforest are:

  1. Cloud Storage

To facilitate the online storage and editing process, Renderforest adapts cloud-storage. It provides an interface to the user to create and upload images and videos into cloud library. This makes user editing processes simplified. This reduces the risk in losing the edited file due to external damages or power loss.

This is why registering as a user in RenderForest is a must. It is thereby allowed to create and edit dashboard videos and images online.


  1. Renderforest API

The user can monitor the rendering status and the progress eventually customize the video and export various video content from the template. It is also responsible to provide a business license to resell the video to any 3rd party agencies.

Through socket connection, the user can monitor real-time rendering. To the website backend, documentation is available with complete API integration.


  1. Beginners guide

It is not only meant for professionals to design promotional videos, but also to those candidates who look for experience in the web designing can easily adapt to the environment of RenderForest. It is that flexible enough to use by anyone, only a little knowledge of editing is required.


  1.  Social media integration

All the videos are available with the watermark and can be shared among many social media platforms that promote the value of any individual company or a group. The social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.



Renderforest accompanies three membership designs. They do offer boundless altering alternatives on web-quality rendering for free.

Free membership designs empower users to distribute and download videos. These works approve if it’s all the same to the users having RF watermarks on their altered videos. If they would like to dispose of it, they can pay for as low as $9.99 per video export on all the videos from various categories.

The two choices are useful for SD360 quality videos. For HD videos, the users can move up to higher bundles, which run from $19.99 to $29.99 per export.



Hopefully, with the above discussion, it is known that Renderforest is a firmly accessible video editor which is available for different types of users and meant for both promotional and personal purposes. However, premium packages are meant to deliver High-quality results with a specialized watermark on the videos. So it is recommended to make use of all the free templates for the basic projects and thereby implementing premium template catalogs for additional high-end projects.

It is best suitable for promoting business integration over the competition, also it is a perfect resource for logo animations and slideshows that are made for a few minutes presentations used in event shows and many programmes conducted upon different industries.