We live in a fantastic time in terms of technological advancement across all aspects of our lives. Entertainment is one of those areas to benefit greatly from tech, including the online gambling industry. When online gambling was first being introduced there were many questions being asked, especially regarding security. Exactly how has tech improved gambling security over the years?

One of the most important aspects when playing at an online casino is the exchange of money. If you wish to play real money games you must make a deposit at the online casino of your choice. For example, if you were to choose one of the highlighted quality casino games at BonusQueens you may be able to try a demo first. However, if you wanted to play the game for real whether it be a slot game or a table game, you will need to use a payment method.

SSL certificates are displayed as padlocks in the address bar of an online casino. The encryption technology ensures transactions and all sensitive information is kept secure and thanks to the development in technology, they are cheap to acquire. When playing at an online casino, you should always ensure it has a valid SSL Certificate.

In addition, changes in technology have seen the introduction in new ways to fund online casino and sportsbook accounts. Cryptocurrency is a great example and this allows gamblers to place bets online with an extremely small threat of it being stolen. When using cryptocurrency to fund your online gambling account, there is no middleman. You do not have to worry about anyone else having access to your credit card or bank account details. Furthermore, you can enjoy betting anonymously as many cryptocurrency based online casinos do not require you to create an account to play their games.

Looking at some of the recent ways tech has improved gambling security and we come to facial recognition technology. This is nothing knew as far as land based casinos are concerned and some of the worlds prestigious casinos have been using face recognition technology for many years. When creating a new account at an online casino, there are several security steps to be completed including providing an official photographic identification. The ID can then be used to identify a player during a live casino game and to detect any unusual behaviour.

For example, if you entered a game of online poker you would expect to be playing against the people registered for that game. Facial recognition technology helps to ensure that people are who they say they are when playing casino games. In Australia, they could soon make a facial scan a legal requirement for anyone who would like to gamble online. Access to online sportsbooks and casinos would only be granted once an image has been provided that matches up with an existing government photo.

For those who are playing online casino games using a mobile device, there are several apps that can be downloaded to improve the level of security on your phone or tablet. Nothing is 100% guaranteed to always keep you safe but the more you can use the security services provided, the better.