Marketing is a career that often takes on an almost legendary status among people. Perhaps it is the way that TV shows such asMad Men have romanticized the profession. However, things have changed significantly since Don Draper’s day. If you want to have a successful career in marketing, you need to do a lot more than dress well and be able to smooth talk. Just like any other job out there, it requires a certain level of skills and education to be successful.

Steps to beginning a career in marketing

 The most obvious route into a career in marketing is to undertake a marketing degree. Not only will this provide you with the skills needed for the career, but it will also actually teach you a targeted set of skills. This makes a marketing degree the best choice for a smooth way into a marketing career.

There are a huge number of ways that you can find out information on a marketing degree. You could do a Google search or follow Bryant and Stratton College for more targeted information. Taking a course in marketing at an institution as prestigious as Bryant &Stratton College would give you an instant head start when it comes to breaking into the industry. You would be able to walk out already possessing the skills needed to be a success, and if your degree includes a year in the industry, then you would also already have contacts to help you walk right into a job. If you’re looking for internships or entry-level job experience in marketing, try checking out reputable job posts online.

What skills are required?

 Possibly the most important skill involved with marketing is communication skills. You need to be able to communicate your ideas to other people in a clear manner that is straight to the point. When you think of an effective marketing campaign, there are very few out there that are long-winded. There is a good reason for this: short and straight to the point is more likely to stick in people’s minds. This skill is refined when studying, giving you a much stronger base from which to work.

You also need to be able to interpret data effectively. Being able to target a marketing campaign at the right audience is vital. This is not something that is done by luck. It means taking in the information that data provides and turning it into something useful. Data analytics is also a skill that will be learned when undertaking a marketing course. This is undoubtedly the part of marketing that is most overlooked by people on the outside but has the greatest impact on the overall success of a marketing campaign.

One skill that is hard to teach, but like communication skills can be refined, is the ability to be creative. Creativity allows for a constant stream of new ideas to be put forward. This is also essential for marketing as it allows for campaigns to appear fresh to consumers. If something does not appear fresh, then there is a good chance that consumers will be put off by it and the campaign will not be successful.

Marketing in the future

 Marketing is a job sphere that is unlikely to vanish in the near future. While AI and technology are taking away some jobs, it is unlikely that marketing will be one of them. Just like any job that has creativity underpinning it, it is almost impossible for an AI system to be able to carry out the tasks that a human does with anywhere near the same level of success. That being said, it is important for people engaging in a career in marketing to be computer literate. Computer technology, and online technologies in particular, are the driving force behind a lot of the number crunching and data analysis that make marketing campaigns so successful.

As the marketing industry moves forward, this will only become more apparent. New uses for computers and advances in computer capabilities will bring forward new ways for technology to enhance how effective marketing is. This means that for anyone with aspirations of moving into the marketing sphere, it is vital to not just be computer literate but also comfortable when using a computer. It will ensure that you will not be left behind by the industry as it moves forward. After all, there is no point training for a job if you are going to be obsolete within that job. If you embrace the technological revolution within marketing, then a degree in marketing could help you to have a stable job for a long time to come.