HTC One S Review by Buzz2Fone

HTC One series has 3 common features, they have high camera quality with image sense, has good audio beats and a sleek design. But this with added S has some extra quality which is not to be seen in HTC One series. This phone has a classic aluminum body and it has same treatment which NASA often uses in satellites, it is micro-arc oxidization treatment. So, sometimes it is difficult to hold properly as its surface is slippery. This phone is ultra thin and the phone is bluer from inside after removing the SIM card. Where the battery is place is sealed so cannot be replaced easily, it comes with 2 years warranty period.

htc one s reviews

HTC One S display is much better than LCD displays as it has AMOLED with Ice cream sandwich 4.0. This S one is with added feature in HTC One series. This one is with HDR mode which makes photos look funny, can add Instagram and other photo filters. It has one still camera and video camera is not too good. HTC One S phone has latest android feature and comes with best apps which can be downloaded easily. This phone can be a multi used among all age groups. It is a worth buying phone especially for android and HTC lovers.


This lacks call quality but otherwise it’s good phone for all those who apt for smart phones. It has good LTE connectivity. The price starts from $499 and is not very high compared to other android version phones.

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