Here are some of the top 10 phones which are ruled by Android: 2012

top 10 phones which are ruled by android

1) HTC One S The design of this cell is ultramodern and it has an amazing camera with 8 mega pixel with image sense. The dual-core processor of this camera is very strong with ice cream sandwich of 4.0. Price range is $499 which is worth with its features.


2) Samsung Galaxy Nexus-With little high in price than previous one, starts from $579 has its own unique features. It has curve display and speed is very fast with updated ice cream sandwich. Android version is up-to-date. It’s sleek in design with excellent AMOLED display.


3) HTC Rezound This android phone is with very high performance and so high is the price starting from $800. It has Android 2.3 gingerbread software. Good for entertainment with audio beats. This phone is good for media junkies who are more interested in multi media player phone.


4) T-Mobile MyTouch 4G slideThis phone has the best camera which is not seen in others and the rest of the features are also good with price from $499. It is with slider design and killer camera with HD camcorder. It is one of the mega phone.


5) HTC Evo 4G LTEThis is a 3G solid phone with low price starts from $186. The design of this phone is very different from other with a red kick stand. Android 4.0 is present with ice cream sandwich. It is a first handset with HD voice carrier.


6) Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX It is a dual core processor phone with large and expanded battery. Its LTE is in a thin frame and is alike to Droid Razr with 8 mega pixel camera.


7) HTC One X A very beautiful phone but lacks few things. It is like falling in love at first sight. Camera and entertainment wise is better but not good like other smart phones.


8) Samsung Galaxy Note– Amazing phone cum tablet with large display. The design is not pleasing but has a lot of features of tablet.


9) Google Nexus– This is a phone with fast speed, stunning display and a flexible camera. It gives competition to i phone and other smart phones.


10) Just Wait Coming soon , Follow our Top 10 Buzz