Although India has been a country that people move away from to pursue their dreams and make a good career in the USA, a reverse fad is becoming increasingly popular, and a large number of Americans are shifting their base to India. Expat life in India is quite different from living in western destinations. The cities are big, bustling places with lots of people, so if you’re not an “urbanite,” this might not be the adventure for you. But if you love busy cities with beautiful, kind and lively people, India just might be the right spot for your next career adventure!

It’s a spectacular country, and there are many opportunities available for American employees. But there are challenges too, of course, just like there are when adapting to any new environment. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind if you’re thinking of heading to India to work – and believe us, you’ll be so glad when you decide to go:


Research! Research! Research! Before you go, learn as much as you can about the country, the city to which you’re headed, and the people and their customs.  Learn everything you can about the field in which you hope to work; investigate employers, agencies, recruiters, everybody and everything there is to know about the company you would like to work for.

Cost of living

 Although living in India is much cheaper than the US, the cost of living in metropolitan cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, and New Delhi can be surprisingly high. Prices of housing, food, entertainment, and education vary hugely depending on the location. Since, this is one of the biggest costs you’re going to incur; it’s best to get a good housing allowance from your company. So, don’t forget to negotiate!

Give Respect

Like Aretha said, it’s all about …R.E.S.P.E.C.T! You’ve got to have and show respect when you go to India…it’s different from America, but it’s every bit as wonderful. Take your cues from the folks around you; listen, and learn.


Remember, there’s no rush…take your time when you get to India; you won’t learn the language in a month! But lots of jobs won’t require it; English is universal, remember? Still, saying hello and other pleasantries in a country’s native tongue is just good manners, so you should work on those.

Money transfer

Once upon a time, when folks wanted to send money back home to mom, dad – or even Uncle Fred – they did it through their local post office. They lined up on their lunch hour, bought honest-to-gosh stamps and mailed a letter with a certified cheque inside. And then they waited. And waited…..and so did the people expecting the money in the mail. Sometimes it arrived, sometimes it didn’t, and when that happened, they had to start the whole process over again.

It all sounds just so….20th century, doesn’t it?

Clients of Ria Money Transfer don’t wait at all, not for anyone or anything. They log in, sign up, and poof! Their money is sent. Now…wasn’t that easy???

Sending money anywhere in the world has never been simpler. Ria makes your gift of cash so easy to send you might want to do it each and every month – or week! The fees are low – very low – and once you’ve logged in and signed up, you can send cash whenever you wish.

Let me give you a “for instance:”…If you’re working in India, say, Mumbai or New Delhi. Mom and dad at home in LA, are fantastically proud (and why shouldn’t they be?) so they decided to brighten your day with a little surprise. Or because you are short of cash due to some uncertainty. A little help from our friends and parents never hurts, isn’t it? And Ria helps people send money to India every day, 24 hours a day…just…like…that! And once you’re there, once you’re all settled in and working steadily, you can use the same platform to send a little cash back home!

India is so much more than meditation and sunshine – it’s those things, absolutely – but it’s a complex, fabulous place in which to gain work experience and make new friends. Flip the script: don’t just focus on folks coming to America to get work….think about going to India yourself, and find out what all the wonderful fuss is about.