iPhone 5: The Good, The Bad and The Problem

iPhone 5 hit the markets on the 21st of September after its much hyped release of its new look earlier this month. It looks stunning. It’s slimmer, sleeker, stronger, taller, faster and much more than the iPhone 4S. In short it’s a new wonder of 2012. Its sales already broke many previous records. But the iPhone 5 too has its good, bad and problem factors. It is not perfect too.

iphone 5 review

The Good

The iPhone 5 has a stunning design. Apple has finally moved on from the 3.8 inch screen to the 4 inch screen. It is made of Aluminum primarily instead of glass which makes it stronger. It weighs just 112 grams, which make it a total ounce lesser in weight than its predecessor. It’s sturdier and lighter. It feels smooth and assuring when held in hand.

Its hardware is the best in its class. The A6 processor, powers the iPhone 5 making the apps and internet access faster. This processor is developed by Apple using ARM technology. This gives the iPhone 5 hardware an edge in performance and also its battery life.

The rear camera with 8MP is another asset of the phone. It supports 4G now, which is another important improvement as previous iPhones supported only 3G &2G. The voice recognition SIRI too is a major asset.


The Bad

The iPhone 5 has surely bigger screen than iPhone 4S but all Apple could do with the extra space was by adding an extra row of icons. That is all!

It does not support the mass storage mode which is the easiest eay to manage files on a smart phone. Although the screen is longer it does not make much of a difference in web browsing. Android phones are better at these tasks than iPhone 5.

Another boring factor is the same old iOS . In terms of user interface, Apple’s rivals Windows Phone 8 and Android Ice cream Sandwich are much better and ahead of iOS.

One major flaw of iPhone 5 is maps app. Many locations have not been marked, some marked wrongly etc. Its navigation is a bit of a serious problem.

Cost is one backdrop. It is heavily priced at $199, $299, $399 for 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB respectively.


The Problem

The problem with iphone is competition. It has to face a tough competition with Android which is the OS for most of the smart phones. Apple cannot just just face this competition wih one or two devices, It needs more number of models to withstand Android. However, though some people who are not fans of iPhone buy it because they find Android too nerdy whereas iOS can be streamlined.  Windows 8 may change that. It’s OS is better than iOS. So far it has been for iPhone but to continue that way it has to withstand the competition from Android and Windows and start inventing new things especially in the OS department.


So, these are all the good, bad and problem features of the Apple iPhone 5. Hope it gets better.


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