Whether you are playing an action game or a horror game, there are many different platforms that you can play them on. From Xbox and Playstation, Wii and Nintendo Switch, there are lots of different platforms for you to choose from. Now players can even use their mobiles to play games on too, either on iOS or Android. Over the years, mobile technology has developed so that gamers can play with bigger screens and with better storage capacity. But how does a mobile platform compare to a desktop computer in terms of gaming?

 Storage Capacity

For PC gaming, years ago players had to purchase the individual disks of games they wanted to play. Many computers also didn’t have the storage capacity to store all of the downloaded games. However, now there are many digital distribution platforms that can help you download games right onto your computer. Steam is just one popular distribution platform that has thousands of games for players to choose from.

One disadvantage to mobile platforms is that they have significantly less storage space than that of a computer. While there is still a variety of games that you can play on mobile, some new releases and popular game franchises won’t be available on mobile. However, there are still plenty of games that you can play on your mobile with. There’s a wide range of iOS apps to download and there are even plenty of puzzle games or even blackjack games that you can play online too.

Quality & Performance

In terms of quality and performance, desktops are highly likely to perform much better than mobiles. While mobile technology has improved significantly over the years, they still don’t quite match up to the high performance of PCs. Gaming computers are especially high in quality and performance as they are purposefully built to be used for gaming. Many desktop computers now have high resolution screens and powerful processors to help them deliver a better experience for users.

Two of the biggest competing mobile providers at present are Apple and Samsung. Both brands release new and improved phone models every year to try and keep up with the customer demand for high-quality phones. Many phones now have bigger and better quality screens than ever before. While desktops do provide a bigger screen, mobile devices still provide a decent gaming experience for those playing games on the go.

 Game Play

When playing on a desktop computer, there are so many ways that you can tailor your game play experience. There’s plenty of other gaming accessories that can help you become a better gamer. Some accessories that can help you become a better gamer include gaming keyboards and headsets. There are even gaming chairs that can help you be more comfortable when playing your favourite games. With PC gaming, you don’t even have to stick to using a keyboard and mouse for your controls. You can easily just plug in a games controller with USB to your computer.

One of the advantages of mobile game play compared to PC is that your mobile device is small enough to take with you on the go. Whether you are commuting on a train to work, or you are sat out in the garden, you can play games on your mobile everywhere. Even though mobile devices have significantly small screens, they are a great option to use if you want to casually play on the go.

While mobile gaming and PC gaming have their advantages and disadvantages, both still provide a good gaming experience for individuals. For a casual gamer, mobile devices may be good to play small games on the go. For a more experienced and dedicated gamer, playing on a desktop computer might be more beneficial. Whichever platform you choose, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of factors such as battery life, choice of games, device performance and more when choosing how to play.