Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also known as D365BC is a product from the Microsoft enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Just like other sub-products in the shelf, this one is one of many products in the Microsoft Dynamics family. It has formally replaced the Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. In other words, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is designed to use the same code base with NAV’s C/AL and NAV languages which presently phased out to accommodate the latest AL language.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can still be described as an online-based software which can be accessed through an online platform – These days though, this product can still be used on what is called an on-premise version which comes with an option that can be used with the NAV role-piloted “thick” client.

It may also interest you to know that in 2016, Microsoft had announced the development of Dynamics 365, a liable substitute for both Dynamics ERP and CRM related products. By October 2018, the D365BC became available in the cloud, hybrid deployment, and on-promise platforms. Over the years, there have been some series of updates on its features over time. For example, on the 19th of October update was released where some major features of the program were upgraded as well as many technical features were improved. The latest updated version (15.0) was released in October 2019.

Functions of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

•    It Increases Financial Visibility

With the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can make a well-calculated business decision using a well-networked across accounting, purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer transactions. Also, the toy can draft out your financial performance in real-time scenarios using an in-built Power BI dashboards. Also, one can easily follow trends, understand patterns, explore new business territories using an in-depth analogy that comes in unlimited dimensions. This program also functions as an accelerated financial tool, it can also maintain and report with a quick, streamlined, and accurate accounts. Lastly, it improves accurate forecast using a comprehensive data analysis, and share your reports using the Excel package.

•    Enhance your Supply Chain

It uses built-in intelligence to predict the right outcome of a particular transaction. It uses expected stock-outs and sales forecast to build purchase orders with optimum automation. Generate an honest opinion of inventory for prompt fulfillment of an order. You can also track all the financial movements and transactions by simply setting up bins as regards to the dimensions of your storage unit and the layout of the warehouse. Calculate and enhance manufacturing power to enhance the company’s production timetable as well as meet up with each customer’s demand. The Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is also programmed to sustain a moderate amount of inventory by quickly summing up lead times, stock levels, and the record level. When the company runs out of stock, the program quickly suggests a replacement.

•    Improves Sales and Service

It places more emphasis on the strength of the sales profit. It keeps track of every customer’s transactions and get instruction on the best sales performance, renew sales opportunities, and cross-sells. It hastening up the sales process from ordinary quote to cash, manage every service request, and process every incoming and outgoing payment. From the way it is designed to function, users can gain a total overview of their tasks, employee skills, as well as an individual staff’s workloads, that way, the company can effectively work towards achieving a modest case resolution.

•    Timely Delivery of Projects that Runs under Stipulated Budget

It Build, track, and manage client’s projects with the use of timesheets, the latest job costing, as well as reporting capabilities. It has the propensity to edit, control, and create profitable projects. It helps companies manage their resources by accurately planning their sales, track each invoice for clients as against the stipulated cost and quotes. It enables users to make the perfect decision using the current trend on the status of the project’s status, resource-usage, profitability, e.t.c.

•    It supports GDPR compliance

It protects each client’s right to privacy, helps you build your business to align with the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR. It has the propensity to restrict and grant access to every personal data based on more than one level, as well as implement audit records to facilitate accountability and safety. It stores transmit and handle data safety across all the systems available while safeguarding it from outside attack with the help of an automated Microsoft datacenter encryption.

•    Manage your Business from any Location

This program is designed to give users the same experience despite your choice of deployment, be it in a cloud system, or a combination of both. With the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can take your business with the help of an intuitive, consistent window, Android, or iOS experience.

Business Sectors where Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Plays important Role

•    Financial Management

It brings stability into the financial system, and it changes the way financial transactions are done in this modern era especially in the banking system.

•    Supply Chain

The supply chain sector has never had it so good, it has built the level of confidence between the supplier and the distributor. It makes delivery stemless.

•    Relationship Management

It facilitates an effective business relationship between the clients and the producer. This happens due to some endless records it stores in it’s achieved.

•    Human resource Management

In human resource management, the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central plays a role in managing staff performance using their different job descriptions.

•    Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central helps in managing a specific customer project. It alerts the contractors when they about to run out of materials so they can re-stock.

•    Warehouse Management

This program redefines the warehousing system; it gives a new definition to the FIFO and LIFO methods thereby making it easier to monitor.

•    Manufacturing

Here, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central solves all the changes as it concerns staffing, production, storage, e.t.c.

Lastly, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is a miracle to the business world, and its usefulness cannot be overemphasized. Meanwhile, it is therefore as a matter of necessity that modern businesses should integrate their activities to run on this platform.