What are do’s and Dont’s for Mobile Phones


It is not just the choice of phone but also how you use it is important, to reduce the danger of radiation you are exposed to while talking on the phone. Consider the following when using your mobile phones to safeguard your health.

  1. The farther your cell phone is from your body, the better it is for you as it reduces the amount of radiation. The best way to do it is to use a hands free headset.
  2. Always hold the phone at the bottom. As, holding a large part of the phone blocks the signals received and to be sent. This causes an increase in the power of the phone and transmits stronger radiation to compensate for this. So, hold the phone as far down as possible to operate at a lower power.
  3. Always take the call when the reception is good, this will reduce the phone power and radiation.
  4. Try to make calls with a regular phone if you have one. As the amount of radiation is directly connected to the amount of time you talk on the mobile phone.
  5. Do not talk for too long as you will be exposed to more radiation which directly depends on the amount of time you talk on the phone. So, if you need to talk for a long time use a regular phone.
  6. Avoid hazardous areas of use, like talking while driving ac ar. Stop at a safe place and take the call. Never let small children play with your phone as they will be exposed to radiations.
  7. Do not use your mobile phone in places where there is a lot of electrical equipment, like hospitals and aircrafts.
  8. Show consideration to others around you while talking on the phone. Tone off your phone in public places like a movie theatre, hospitals etc.

Follow these simple tips for using a mobile phone safely.

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