If you are easily disgruntled by bacteria, and like your possessions to be clean at all times, the quality NueVue iPhone and iPad cases could be exactly what you need. Not only do they look great, and are available in so many different colours that we would defy anyone not to find one that suited their personality; they are practical as well.

As soon as you pick a NueVue case up, you will be able to feel the quality of the product. They are made from the finest leather, along with other high quality materials such as twill and cotton. They also have a ‘Shop Vegan’ section, which is excellent for all you animal lovers out there. The cases have everything that you would expect from a NueVue case, but they are instead made from lovely faux leather, still achieving that effortlessly stylish appearance.

All of the cases are lined with a soft Microfibre material, which has been treated with BioCote Antimicrobial Technology. This is a silver based additive -a known material for cleaning properties. This not only removes any dirt on the screen that can make it hard to see what you are looking at, it also provides continuous protection against microbes and other nasties. All round a brilliant product if you are fed up of constantly wiping your screen on your sleeve before you use it.

It could not be easier to use either, and they send you everything you need to ensure that your phone remains clean and free from dirt. Initially, you have to clean your phone or tablet with the ‘one time use screen cleaner’. This was very easy, and took no time at all. After this, all you have to do is pop your device in the case, and let the Microfibre lining do the rest of the work. When it comes to removing your device, we were advised to apply light pressure across the whole width of the case, to make sure that the lining stays in contact with the screen at all times, and as easy as that you can clearly see your screen and use it safe in the knowledge that it is free from most harmful microbes. It is a really well thought out product, and the high quality appearance definitely makes the price worth it.

Please visit Nuevue.com for more details on this great product.