Ladbrokes is a company that has built up its reputation upon the high street, it is a household name that everyone knows they can trust and rely upon. When it made its move from betting shop on the high street to a website which also included casino games many loyal customers followed because of its reputation and because they knew it would be reliable.


Ladbrokes as a company knows that reputations can be easily won and lost through word of mouth and because of this strive to give its customers the level of service they have come to expect as well as the level of protection they expect with its online site and mobile application.


Gambling with laptop computer

When Ladbrokes say that the security of their customers’ data is of the upmost priority to them they do not lie and this can be seen in the number of technologies they have employed to keep their customers personal details safe.


To start with each, online customer has a log in password which they either chose or were given by Ladbrokes this allows them to access the secure parts of the websites. These secure parts of the website mean that customers can enter their personal details such as credit or debit card details safe in the knowledge that hackers will not get to them.


The way that Ladbrokes keeps its website and details of customers secure is through the use of encryption services such as Secure Socket Layer technology. This may sound like a bit of a mouthful but the vast majority of websites which take personal details use this level of technology. In practical terms Secure Socket Layer technologies encrypt any data that customers enter and transport it to a secure server which then decodes it using a key or password, this level of security means that the data cannot be hacked which it is being transferred.