There are some major mobile applications of this year which became popular and it’s been used around the world. Let’s look into it:

top 5 apps of 2012

1) Google Maps (Mobile): This app is gifted and no need to download it. Google maps helps to find the current location you are in and gives correct names of the local places nearby which helps and serve as a guide tool. It actually plans the travel route. This app is supported by all the mobile platform. You can also pin point the current location you are in by using GPS location which helps in finding the place you are searching be it a hotel, hospital, cinema, mall etc.


2) Opera: Opera is a famous browser for desktop as well as mobile. It is one of the secure browsers and it’s user-friendly. It is substitute to Safari browser and its fastest browser. This mobile app has unique features and various options are there for one to customize as per their preference.


3) ProfiMail: It is the advanced and is created for mainly mails in cell phones. It is very good for communication via emails which helps you to check your mails time to time. It configured multiple mails at the same time and is useful for businessman or working people.


4) Angry Birds: This app is the most popular among all age groups. It has left the great impact upon the kids and now whole market is flooded with the products of angry birds. It is among the top games and mobile version is widely known. It is the most popular and played game of this year.