Benefits of Google Hangouts for Business Owners

With technology evolving exponentially, owning the right office equipment (like a cutting-edge phone system) is a good starting point, but it’s not enough. As the market for cloud-based office platforms grows, Google Apps for Work has made quite a name for itself. Google has enhanced its conferencing solution, Google Hangouts, into an emerging unified communications solution for businesses.

Yes. You read that right. We are talking about that Google Hangouts. Although it’s known as a social network, this enterprise-grade versatile app is primarily used for video chats with clients and colleagues. And in case you need to know why it has become a great tool for your business, we’ve come up with a shortlist of the most meaningful benefits of Google Hangouts for enterprises. Here’s a look:

Enterprise-Grade Supports

Striving to be the unified communications solutions for business worldwide, Google has launched enterprise-grade support for Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is using exactly the same terms of service that enables the wide range of products of other Google Apps for Work. Hangouts includes Service Organization Controls and ISO 27001 certifications as well as 24/7 support.

Hangouts Mobile Apps

More people are using mobile devices to be on conferences day in and day out. With the continuing enhancement of the Hangouts mobile app (Android and iOS), Google has demonstrated, once again, why it’s the mobile app development leader. Each clever app can support video, voice and messaging. In addition, Google has figured out how to amazingly maintain user experience and feature parity across both operating systems.

Chromebox for Meetings

Google expanded Hangouts to the conference room with the introduction of Chromebox for meetings, a software and hardware-based conferencing solution, running on Google Hangouts high-end technologies. With an appealing price point (well below other corporate conference room solutions), this clever tool is offered as a plug-and-play solution, helping you save on costs generated by other conferencing solutions out there. Do you work from home? Those salespeople or corporate executives who have a home office and would love a top-notch conferencing experience would benefit tremendously from Chromebox.

Google Hangouts API

Google Hangouts has its own API (application programming interface) to enable integration needs a business might have between some of their other applications and Hangouts. Also, the Google Hangouts API allows personalization of the Hangouts user experience, a great tool for virtual organizations that depend of the platform in order to communicate.

Hangouts Partner Program Expansion

Google is aware of the relevance that technology partners provide in the unified communications and conferencing markets. Google has made some partnerships that allow Hangouts to connect with legacy conferencing platforms.

Google has proven that can be innovative and improve the Hangouts platform into an emerging unified communications solution for businesses. Enterprises can depend on Hangouts as a state-of-the-art communications platform as it is now part of Google Apps for Work.

According to BrandWatch, “Google is well-known for providing small business owners and entrepreneurs with a variety of useful tools to help them improve productivity and efficiency in their daily tasks.” Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits of this extremely helpful business resource? If you have used it, which is your favorite Google app? Why is that so? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below.