Blackberry 10 revised with voice commands in new alpha update

RIM will now be offering best bet for blackberry users of getting voice assistant which is supported on the traces provided by leaked screenshots. The fact is that all other operating system of cell phones has some functionality. Blackberry cell phone already has a bit of voice control. But they are limited only till placing a call. In blackberry 10 updated version this week it is made clear that RIM is on it’s work of producing something great with much added featured which will give a compete to voice, actions, S-Voice etc.


blackberry 10 revised with voice commands in next alpha update

At this moment, the work is in progress. It is evident by voice responses of some males and females with the quality of time the assistant spend by tentative over a command ‘end call’ which is given. At this position the apps are limited with what is available on the handsets of dev alpha updates of blackberry 10. What you have expected is not being made yet like calendar, messaging, BBM. They are still developing to give the users what they are expecting and preparing a way for the forthcoming launch of Blackberry10.


The information is that it has been pushed back till next year but the dev phones will be seen with the launch of OS in coming months may be by the end of this year and beta version will be inline as well.