Android – ready Mini PC

android mini pc ready

With Android 4.0 Mini PC you can travel all over without delaying your work. Now one can roam freely with this device which is easy to carry and useful for our work and personal needs. This device is very interesting and is best when you are looking for media player connected by a web.


Android 4.0 Mini PC is within your budget and its small size is very attractive. It can be easily connected with your regular TV of flat screen and once connected it will change to smart TV. Its quality matches with the tablet but none can replace a tablet. The reason you should buy this is it apps which changes and its video playback shines once auto- rotation is off. It is good for checking email and chats.


For ‘you tube’ users it is good to watch HD videos on a bigger screen. Some people error it by considering it as a cell phone by looking its cover. Its connectivity is very good which converts display into Android 4.0 Mini PC and thus making it as a media player. The great person behind this idea of inventing this mini PC is a Chinese vendor whose name is OEM Systems Co.


Performance wise it is very good and it has been tested by lot of buyers with LG 42LK430 TV and by using it with the mouse and USB keyboard via USB hub. This device has OS with its touch base. It takes some time till you are use to it as initially using this is little tacky. It is a dreadful for android game lovers due to slow response by using mouse. With Google play this is slow and takes time which is sometimes problematic. The price of this Mini PC is between USD 70 TO USD 85. The purchase can even be made online.