Apple stores are the most ‘money-making’ retail

Steve Job did his job and is no more among us but his apple is doing a great job. Apple worth is more than 400 billion dollar. So, one can estimate how much money they are making with their stores in all the countries.

apple stores are most money making retail

Apple stores, one of the highest profit making retails in America is still growing rapidly. With 363 stores worldwide, each store is generating more than $50 per annum. From the year 2011 to 2012 there is a growth of 36% in US retail sales. Today, apple has 42,200 employees universally. Since 2012, more than 85 million people visited apple store.

Online shopping which is taking over the retails could not stop people from visiting apple stores. None can substitute the stores because shopping at apple stores is a unique experience where one can know about all the products of apple. If you are an apple fan then you can surely not skip visiting to an apple store. Apple products are packed with the latest technologies and features. Apple is of great value and they make money with the fast pace more per cube foot than any other retailer in U.S. Apple is surely the best retailer company in U.S and to compete with apple is not an easy task.