Some Reports and news websites had been announced that new iphone for release on September 21.

Last Year apple released it’s Iphone 4s.

Those who were waiting for I-phone 5 there waiting has been over with I-phone 4 S-the most upgraded version of I-phone with 8MP camera. This I-phone is slim, sleek with wedge-shaped design. One can say it’s a new spin with an old phone which doesn’t excite much for those hoping for I5 but still have an ability to impress I-phy lovers. It is a phone which comes with fastest processor with wide storage capacity. Apple declares this phone as the most amazing phone ever launched by apple. It has the newest operating system iOS 5 with introducing voice activated intelligent assistant named as Siri.


It is a whole new batch with A5 processor. I-phone dual-core chip is similar to I-pad which runs up to 800MHz. 512 MB RAM is the same in all the I-phones. The good part about this I-phone is that it has maximum storage capacity which is absolutely doubled. The best is yet to come and it is an I-phone blog. This phone has blogger application which can publish posts along with pictures, and current location. One can easily view the posts on their I-phone and it is fastest than other phones because of 3G and 4G which loads data faster. Even if you have more than one blogs you can switch easily between them.


I phone blog will allow selecting the blog if you have more number of blogs. Then it will take pictures from the gallery directly with the app. After that it will add labels and location information. The next step is to save it as a draft if you want to make necessary changes later or you can directly publish into blogger. With this I-phone blog application you can also view the save lists of published post where you can also take part by adding your comment to the other post. It is an amazing new platform where you can do blogging faster than before. If you do not have the application of bloggers then you need to download with your application store which is easier to download without any charge.
Overall if we talk about the I-phone 4s in one word we will say that it’s a very classy phone with good upgrade and style. It is a luxury product and status symbol. You will definitely find pleasure and complete satisfaction with this apple phone which has a unique feature of blogging and thus also known as I-phone blog if we considered specifically for blogs.


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