Apple and Samsung have been hitting the court for a long time now accusing each other of patent infringement. Apple bagged a victory in the US court against Samsung early this year and the losing company was ordered to pay Apple 1 billion USD. It is not just this. Samsung counter filed many cases, only leading to huge rivalry between the companies. Now this rivalry is starting to affect their business.

Samsung is a major chip vendor for Apple’s products. Now, it looks like this scenario is going to change. An analyst says that Apple is looking forward to reduce its dependence on its rival Samsung for chips. It is evident that it is the consequence of the patent lawsuits between the two rival companies. A source from the chip industry informs that their relationship has reached to a point that both of these companies are looking to finish the present contracts and then break them.

An Asian source said that Apple might order quad core chips from TSMC. Some analysts are saying that if Apple depends on TSMC it might affect the other customers of TSMCin a negative way. If Apple is really looking forward to depend on TSMC for its quad core chips then, TSMC will surely have to  cancel or prolong its date for shipments to other smaller companies as it has to tend to the needs of Apple, the largest buyer of chips in the world.

Analysts are saying that this switch over for chips might not take place overnight as Apple has to still to complete the contract with Samsung to start over with TSMC. The iPhone 5 A6 chip is a 32nm process product that was manufactured by Samsung. Similar rumor of Apple switching to TSMC for chips ditching Samsung started in March last year. But this time too many sources are speculating this is going to happen. So, it might not just be a rumor. Follow more at Buzz2fone