Mobile number portability is a tech facility for cell phone subscribers despite service operator change. This service was first introduced in 2003 in US and was well appreciated. This service is definitely hiking popularity. So, for mobile service providers to avoid customers from changing their service to other service they have to spend good amount of money and energy to ensure excellent  connectivity across the country, good rates and plans that fit customers.

Here are the pros and cons of Mobile number portability.


  • Users can retain their old number despite changing their service provider. You can avoid the hassles of memorizing a new number.
  • Though you have switched to another network provider you need not have to face the difficulties of informing your friends and relatives of your new number. If you are a business pro or a doctor or a lawyer you need not have to worry about losing them because of number change. They can still contact you on the old number.
  • You can enjoy the better service form your new operator while you still retain the old number even while you are on the go. Network providers offer special services to their bulk customers, so customers of MNP can now retain their old number yet avail the services of the new network provider.
  • To retain their old customers and avoid them from using the mobile number portability and shifting to a new service provider, the mobile network providers offer new servics to their customers to retain them so consumers can avail these offers and benefit from them.



  • By switching to a new service provider a consumer loses the special services and facilities offered by the old network provider.
  • Though the old number can be retained through mobile number portability facility, it takes time for the users to get habituated to the new operating system and service provider.
  • For availing the MNP facility, one has to remain in touch with both the service providers, the old one as well as the new one. There are a lot of technical feasibilities and clerical formalities involved.
  • When you avail the MNP, your phone number will lose its specific identity that is associated with a particular service provider. It will be hard to predict from which subscriber the phone service is availed.
  • MNP is an advanced technical facility so it is offerd at a comparitively high cost which a comman man may have to pay more for availing the service.


These are the pros and cons of mobile number portability. Decide for yourself whether it is advantageous or not to avail these services.