Iphone 5’s demand has slowed based on rumours that speak that Apple has cut back on its orders from its suppliers of iPhone 5. An ex CEO of Apple suggested recently that Apple is on a six month product cycle, that is Apple is to release a new product in the market every 6 months. An Apple analyst said that the reason for Apple’s slow down on iPhone 5 productions is because the fruit company might soon be launching iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S.

iphone 6

iphone 6

The Cupertino based fruit company has not yet made any official announcements yet. However, there are many juicy rumours floating in the internet and some of them about iPhone have turned out true in the past. A lot of these rumours are Chinese whispers. Whatever it may be but for the Apple lovers, it is sure big news.

The release date for the iPhone 6 has 2 rumoured theories. One theory is that it would be released in 6 months after the iPhone 5 release date and the other is one year after the iPhone5. The first theory is based on the 6 month product cycle of Apple and so according to this theory may be iPhone6 will be released in March 2013. According to the second theory Apple will stick to its late season launch and so Iphone 6 might be released in October 2013. What ever is the theory it is just an assumption, cause nothing has been officially announced by Apple.

Not long after iPhone 5 was launched, the rumors about iPhone 6 sprang. Here are the rumoured features of iPhone6.

iPhone 6 will have a large screen, thin frame and will be light weight.

  • Design- iPhone 6  is rumored to have a radical curved screen.
  • P-Si LCD Screen- This is the next Gen tech for liquid crystal display. The advantage of this is the screen will be light, thin and less power consuming.
  • Projector- Iphone 6 is rumored to have a in built projector allowing users to project photos and videos on flat surfaces.
  • Storage- The present iPhones are available in 12 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB of storage. It is speculated that Apple might add external storage option of  12 GB to iPhone 6.
  • Wireless charging- The iPhone 6 might have the wireless charging option through inductive charging which is advanced.
  • Gorilla Glass- It is lighter and thinner and has great durability and less power consuming.
  • Antenna- Iphone 6 might have an improved antenna design, may be a wrap around antenna.
  • Home button- The home button is expected to be removed from the iPhone 6 body.

Well, it is all just rumors and predictions for now until the tech giant makes an official statement. The Cupertino based company has been secretive in the past too regarding the release dates of its products. So, all we Apple lovers have to hold our horses for now.Follow Technology Blog Directory for more updates.